About Us

At Find A Therapist, our mission is to help you find the help you need. Whether you’re looking for a cognitive-behavioral therapist, a relationship counselor, or sessions with a psychologist, our goal is to assist you in finding the right person to help out.

First established in 1996, Find A Therapist has evolved significantly over the previous two decades. It first started as a directory of in-person therapists, with professionals able to create listings on the site. Now, we focus on explaining different types of therapy, and showing everyday people how to find a counselor who offers each type of counseling service.

We also focus heavily on virtual counseling services. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown has accessible and effective online therapy can be, especially for those who feel more comfortable getting help over the internet.

There are two core pillars to our philosophy in helping people find a therapist:

  1. Finding a qualified therapist. This means connecting you with someone who will understand your problem, and has the relevant skills, expertise, and qualifications to help improve your mental health.
  2. Finding an accessible therapist. Your counselor must also be someone who is accessible to you, otherwise your interactions are much less likely to be successful. This could mean finding someone who speaks your language, or someone who understands your cultural background. It could also mean using an online therapy solution, if you prefer to speak to someone over the internet.

To help people find the right therapist, we are constantly publishing guides on different types of therapy, and where to find a professional therapist. In each guide, we also explain how to find the right person to help, given your specific needs.

Our team

Eileen Conroy, MSc

Eileen Conroy from Beyond Anxiety.

Eileen is a mental health writer and advocate from New York, USA, with a BSc in Communication and an MSc in Educational Psychology.

She has a decade of experience in therapy and counseling, including working as a sexual assault counselor. Eileen also has experience practicing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, helping children and teens on the autism spectrum.

In her spare time, you’ll find Eileen playing with her two dogs, Doug and Ozzy.

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Inez Van Roy, MSc

Inez Van Roy from Beyond Anxiety.

Inez is a registered psychologist from Belgium, with a BSc and MSc in Clinical Psychology.

Having previously worked as a neuropsychologist at a national multiple sclerosis care center, Inez is now a practicing online psychologist. She helps people struggling with burnout, depression, and anxiety, focusing on expats, repats, and their families.

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Dr. Irfan Siddique

Dr. Irfan Siddique from Beyond Anxiety.

Dr. Irfan is a practicing doctor from Pakistan, with a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

He has a wide range of clinical mental health experience, including conducting a mental health clinic, providing individual, couple, and group therapy. Currently, Dr. Irfan is the Deputy Medical Superintendent at Children’s Hospital, Faisalabad.

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Richard Shrubb

Richard Shrubb is an established health and social affairs writer based in West Dorset, England. He has authored and co-authored two books on mental health, and in the past been a national newspaper social affairs journalist as well as working with a number of nursing journals in the field.

He has lived experience of mental distress, using his time in treatment for a severe breakdown in the late 1990s to change direction to a career that suited him better, completing a Masters in journalism in 2005. Richard was recently diagnosed with autism too, and he brings a deep level of empathy for those he reaches out to in his work as a result. See examples of his work at www.richardshrubb.com

At home, Richard is a passionate social affairs activist seeking genuine change for the underdog through his work as a trades union officer and social media officer for a range of local campaigns. When not fighting the powers that be, he chills out by walking, gardening, and getting lost in the countryside on foot and by e-bike.

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Nela Trninić

Nela Trninić from Find A Therapist.

Nela is a mental health writer from Croatia with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, currently studying a Master’s in the same field at the University of Zagreb.

She has extensive experience in clinical psychology, especially in helping people with issues such as anxiety, depression, and OCD, using cognitive behavioral therapy and Gestalt therapy. Nela has also helped people who are struggling with bipolar disorder, paranoid schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder.

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