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Calmerry Review 2024: In-Depth Analysis of Online Counseling

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Calmerry is an online therapy platform designed to help individuals improve their mental well-being by connecting them with qualified therapists.

As mental health continues to gain importance in today’s society, many people are seeking virtual solutions to address their therapeutic needs. Calmerry aims to meet these demands by offering affordable and accessible counseling services to its clients.

The platform provides clients with various options to suit their needs, including unlimited text messaging with a counselor and video counseling sessions.

This flexible approach allows clients to communicate with their therapists at times that are most convenient for them. With a growing number of positive reviews and testimonials, Calmerry has been gaining trust and recognition in the mental health community.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the features, benefits, and experiences that Calmerry has to offer.

About The Company

calmerry company

Calmerry is an online therapy platform that aims to make mental health care accessible and affordable to everyone. Recognizing the growing demand for telehealth services, this company connects clients with licensed and vetted therapists through a user-friendly, secure platform.

One of the key aspects contributing to the popularity of Calmerry is its convenience. With a simple sign-up process, clients can get matched with a therapist within 24 hours or less.

Additionally, the platform offers week-long subscription plans rather than just monthly ones, making it more flexible for users in need of short-term support.

Privacy is another central element in Calmerry’s approach. The platform is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, ensuring that all communication between therapists and clients is maintained and secured to safeguard the users’ information.

Calmerry’s services include text therapy, which is less expensive compared to similar plans on other platforms, thereby promoting accessibility.

Moreover, their offerings comprise mood-tracking tools and an online journal for reflection, providing clients with opportunities to track and analyze their progress throughout the therapy process.

The list of features available on Calmerry’s platform:

  • User-friendly and secure platform
  • Quick therapist matching
  • Flexible subscription options
  • HIPAA compliant for privacy protection
  • Text therapy and additional tools (mood tracking, online journal)

All in all, Calmerry strives to make mental health care more attainable by combining affordability, convenience, privacy, and a wide range of services backed by professional therapists.

How Calmerry Works?

how calmerry works

Calmerry makes the process user-friendly, involving sign-up, questionnaire completion, and matching with a licensed therapist tailored to your needs. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Sign-Up and Questionnaire: Begin your journey on Calmerry by signing up and completing an introductory questionnaire. This comprehensive form helps the platform understand your specific needs, goals, and preferences, ensuring you get matched with the most suitable therapist.
  2. Algorithmic Match: Calmerry’s algorithm assigns a licensed therapist who aligns with your therapeutic needs and goals. The assigned therapist will typically contact you within 24 hours to schedule your initial counseling session. It’s important to note that the platform houses over 600 counselors, providing a variety of mental health professionals for you to choose from.
  3. Flexibility in Plans and Cost: Calmerry offers flexibility in subscription plans and costs. You can choose from several pricing options that accommodate different budgets and preferences. One popular choice is Messaging Therapy, starting at $50 per week. Your subscription is billed monthly and will continue until you decide to cancel, which you can do at any time.

Services Offered

services offered

Calmerry offers a range of services catered to individuals seeking mental health support. Their licensed therapists specialize in various areas ensuring that clients receive care tailored to their specific needs. Here are the services Calmerry offers for your mental well-being:

Text therapy (online chat)

text therapy

Text therapy is an effective and convenient method for individuals seeking support for their mental well-being.

Through an online platform like Calmerry, clients can engage in therapy sessions through text messaging, allowing them to communicate comfortably and at their own pace.

The process of starting text therapy is straightforward. Once a client is matched with a licensed mental health professional, they can begin communicating through text messages, discussing their concerns, and working collaboratively to develop coping strategies.

This form of online therapy is particularly well-suited to those who may have difficulty attending in-person sessions due to distance, scheduling constraints, or concerns about stigma surrounding therapy.

Text therapy can also be seamlessly combined with other methods offered by Calmerry, such as video sessions, for a more comprehensive therapeutic experience.

Video Chat Therapy

The service aims to provide clients with a modern, user-friendly alternative to traditional in-person therapy.

Video therapy online allows clients to connect with licensed mental health professionals who are well-equipped to help them overcome various life challenges.

The platform matches clients with a suitable therapist within just an hour in most cases. This expedites the start of the therapy journey and ensures clients can begin addressing their concerns as soon as possible.

Calmerry also offers a variety of resources that clients can access to supplement their therapy sessions. These include:

  • A comprehensive library of in-depth articles
  • An array of mental health tools and aids
  • Useful tips for developing effective coping strategies

With its user-centric approach, Calmerry strives to make online therapy accessible and beneficial to many clients.

By offering video chat therapy alongside other therapy options, Calmerry supports individuals seeking to improve their mental well-being through online means.

Depression Therapy

Depression Therapy

Depression is a serious mood disorder that affects how individuals feel, think, and interact with others. It can impact daily activities and overall mental well-being.

The good news is that depression is highly treatable, and Calmerry provides an effective platform for depression therapy through its online counseling services.

The duration of depressive episodes can vary depending on severity, individual factors, and the effectiveness of treatment.

With Calmerry’s online therapy platform, clients can engage in text and video therapy sessions, allowing for easier access to consistent support. This accessibility increases the chances of successful treatment and improved mental well-being.

Online Grief Counseling

Online Grief Counseling

Calmerry offers grief counseling for clients who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This service aims to provide comfort and support during the healing journey by addressing various emotions that arise, such as sadness, confusion, guilt, and anger.

Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety Therapy

One of the primary treatment methods Calmerry uses for anxiety disorders is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

CBT is a widely used therapy for mental health disorders, recognized for its success in helping clients manage their anxiety. Online therapy sessions with Calmerry provide a safe and accessible space for clients to discuss their problems and develop coping strategies.

Therapy for OCD

Therapy for OCD

Their platform connects clients with qualified counselors specializing in OCD treatment, ensuring a targeted approach to address the unique challenges faced by those living with this condition. Clients can choose between text and video sessions, depending on their comfort levels and preferences.

Self-esteem Therapy

self esteem therapy

This specialized form of psychotherapy is designed to help individuals with low self-esteem rebuild their thought patterns and transform them into more confident and fulfilled individuals.

They provide an effective self-esteem therapy program that is crafted by their team of licensed and vetted counselors. Using proven therapeutic techniques, the platform aims to offer reliable guidance and support to clients seeking to improve their mental well-being.

LGBT-friendly Therapy

LGBT-friendly Therapy

Having a range of mental health specialists on the platform allows clients to connect with therapists who align with their specific issues and preferences.

These experienced professionals understand the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community and are equipped to help clients navigate their journey to better mental health.

Considering the importance of mental well-being, Calmerry’s LGBT-friendly therapy stands as an effective and easily accessible solution for individuals seeking help in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

By harnessing the convenience and discretion of the Internet, clients can pursue improved mental health in the comfort of their own homes.

Relationship Counseling

Relationship Counseling

This service is aimed at helping individuals strengthen their bonds and improve their mental well-being. With a focus on expert guidance and convenience, Calmerry provides quick and effective online therapy.

One of the key features of Calmerry’s relationship counseling is their 1-hour matching. This allows clients to find a counselor specializing in relationship issues within just 60 minutes.

Expert professionals on the platform possess a deep understanding of common relationship pitfalls and provide valuable resources to help clients avoid them.

Pros and Cons

Having gained an understanding of Calmerry’s operational framework and the services it offers, let’s delve into the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. Let’s discuss some aspects such as cost, affordability, insurance, and subscription plans.



  • Affordable: One of the main advantages of Calmerry is its relatively affordable pricing model compared to other online therapy platforms. Clients can access text therapy at a lower cost than competitors such as Talkspace.
  • Mood tracking tools and online journal: Calmerry provides additional resources that help clients track their progress and reflect on their feelings and thoughts. The platform includes a mood-tracking tool and an online journal for users to write in and review.
  • Detailed Weekly Reports for Progress Tracking: The introduction of weekly reports allows users to easily access and share detailed progress metrics and therapy milestones with their therapists. This feature prioritizes the monitoring of individual progress, fostering a collaborative and informed therapeutic journey.
  • Flexible Packages with Video-Only Consultations: Calmerry now offers more flexibility with video-only consultations. Users can opt for this option with licensed therapists, providing a convenient and personalized approach to receiving mental health support.
  • Streamlined Therapy Session Appointments: The updated system for scheduling therapy sessions ensures a hassle-free and straightforward process. Users can easily set up appointments in the calendar, contributing to a smoother overall experience.
  • Expanded Library of Resources: With an increased offering of over 100 articles and courses, Calmerry provides a rich repository of resources to enhance users’ knowledge and insights into various mental health topics. This ensures a more holistic approach to mental well-being.
  • Financial Aid for Accessibility: Calmerry’s commitment to accessibility is highlighted through the introduction of financial aid, providing support to users who may face barriers in accessing professional therapy services. This inclusionary approach aligns with the mission of making mental health care available to all.


  • Insurance limitations: Unfortunately, Calmerry does not accept insurance as a form of payment. Clients would need to either cover the costs out-of-pocket or inquire within their insurance company if they offer reimbursement options for online therapy services.
  • Subscription Costs: Despite the financial aid option, the subscription costs might still be a barrier for some users, especially if they require long-term or frequent therapy sessions.

In summary, Calmerry offers several advantages, such as affordability, mood-tracking tools, and flexible packages. However, some drawbacks include limited insurance support and flexibility in subscription plans.

Embark on a journey of mental wellness with Calmerry. With diverse subscription options, starting at just $50, Calmerry makes prioritizing your mental health simple and accessible. You can message your therapist any day or schedule a live therapy session from the comfort of your home from any device. 

Subscription Plans and Pricing

The platform provides various subscription plans to accommodate clients’ needs and budgets. Their pricing model revolves around unlimited text messaging with a counselor and live video therapy sessions.

Clients can choose a monthly plan, which includes unlimited text messaging with a counselor. Some caveats apply, such as availability and response time from the therapists.

Video counseling sessions can be added to this plan for an additional fee, increasing the overall cost.

To help users visualize and compare the plan options, here are some of the key aspects in a table format:

Plan TypeText MessagingLive Video SessionsPricing per Month
MessagingUnlimitedOptional extra$198
Messaging + 1 Live VideoUnlimitedOne monthly 30-minute session$247
Messaging + 4 Live VideoUnlimitedFour monthly 30-minute sessions$295

Calmerry’s goal is to make mental health support accessible and affordable for everyone. The platform ensures that the care provided is effective and aligns with clients’ financial realities and format preferences.

It is important to consider if the subscription suits one’s budget and needs, especially for long-term support.

User Experience

With a combination of video, messaging, and prompt responses from therapists, the platform stands out in providing quality mental health care.

Several client reviews indicate a positive experience with Calmerry. With a 4.66-star rating from 122 reviews on Sitejabber, clients report satisfaction with the platform’s online therapy, mental health services, and video sessions.

While there are some negative reviews, these seem to be the exception rather than the norm.

Calmerry also provides a blog section on its website, offering informative and educational content related to mental health and well-being.

Clients can benefit from these articles, which may supplement their therapy sessions and help them better understand their mental health journey.

Lastly, customer service plays a significant role in the user experience.

While some clients have reported negative interactions, it is important to recognize that every individual’s experience is unique. Users must evaluate their own needs and preferences when selecting an online therapy service.

Privacy and Security

HIPAA Compliance

The platform maintains HIPAA-compliant practices to protect the sensitive data of its users. This means that they follow strict security measures and protocols, including secure encryption and data storage, to safeguard the privacy of their clients’ mental health information.

Secure Messaging and Video

In addition to HIPAA compliance, Calmerry takes further steps to guarantee a safe and secure experience for its users.

The platform offers a secure messaging system to allow clients to communicate with their therapists through text messages, ensuring that their conversations remain confidential.

Moreover, Calmerry provides a secure video therapy space for clients to have live video sessions with their therapists.

This feature employs end-to-end encryption to protect the client and therapist’s privacy and confidentiality during their session.

The platform’s dedication to safeguarding the mental health information of its users should instill confidence in those seeking online therapy through Calmerry.


Calmerry is an online therapy platform that aims to provide accessible and affordable mental health care. Their services are delivered by licensed and vetted counselors, ensuring a high level of professionalism in their sessions.

It offers various types of therapy tailored to specific needs, such as LGBT-friendly therapy, which provides a safe space to discuss gender and sexuality-related issues.

For those coping with chronic illness, the platform focuses on addressing the emotional aspects of living with a long-term condition.

They also deliver support for severe mental health illnesses, addressing more complex psychological issues through their qualified counselors.

Overall, Calmerry presents itself as a reliable and cost-effective mental health care option for various needs. By providing targeted support and numerous services, the platform aims to deliver a valuable and user-friendly therapy experience.

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