29 Positive Feeling Words to Express Positive Emotions

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People who practice the law of attraction or those who are developing positive affirmations are prone to using these words in their work. However, you don’t need to be a yoga master or have any type of spiritual inclination to inject more positive words and emotions into your life.

Us humans tend to focus a lot on the negative feelings and thoughts, so why not take a break from that and join us on a positivity adventure?

In this article, we’re going to go over 27 positive feeling words to express positive emotions and give you a more positive outlook on life.

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Why Do We Need Positive Emotions?

Positive feeling words should be a part of your everyday life in order to help you feel fulfilled and happy. Perhaps more than this, are the physical health benefits that using these words have on you.

Studies have shown that happiness boosts the immune system. This means fewer cold and flu symptoms are likely to show and your body will be stronger when it comes to fighting infections and the like.

Moreover, cognitive decline can also be prevented or slowed by using affirmations and focusing on the good aspects of life!

The list of psychological benefits of positive feelings is almost endless but you can expect to develop stronger relationships because of the newfound feeling of connectedness, as well as gathering an increasing amount of resilience against difficulties.

Your boss will be happy too as these words increase motivation and productivity so you will be flying through at the paperwork! Don’t panic — the quality and effectiveness of your work will be improved too, you won’t have the bark without the bite.

27 Positive Feeling Words

1. Interest

Humans, kind of like cats, are curious by nature and we tend to want to learn about the new places, activities and people we discover. Being interested in something naturally opens up our minds to enter into unknown territory and explore the world in a different way.

2. Hope

The feeling of hope allows us to realize that any problems we encounter along our journey are only temporary. It enables us to feel the belief that our future will be filled with happiness and beauty.

3. Kindness

This emotion consists of being friendly and approachable to all people, acting in a considerate manner and oozing warmth from your soul out into the world. Kindness leaves us feeling extra warm and gooey inside, regardless of whether we are the ones receiving the kind act, or giving it.

4. Gratitude

When we experience gratitude, we are being thankful for something and appreciating it. We might feel this when we look at certain aspects of our lives like health, friends, family, partners, fortune, wealth, and many more other qualities that make our lives fantastic.

5. Confidence

Confidence stems from you believing in yourself. For example, if you have an exam to take and you go into it feeling confident, you will be carrying the belief that you will successfully complete the test and thus, you are experiencing confidence.

6. Enthusiasm

This goes hand-in-hand with our first positive feeling word ‘Interest’. When your excitement bubbles over because you are interested in something or looking forward to doing a certain activity or visiting a particular place, this means you’re enthusiastic.

7. Admiration

If you have ever ‘looked up to someone’ due to their talent in something or a specific personality trait that they possess, then you have been admiring them. Regardless of whether you admire from afar or so close that they know it, all of this is admiration.

8. Euphoria

Euphoria is an overwhelming explosion of intense joy. It’s a magical and feeling and one we all just want to experience more often!

9. Pride

After you have achieved something great, the feeling of utmost importance is a sense of pride. It is uplifted further when others recognize the amazing thing have you done, which positively impacts on your self-esteem and overall confidence.

10. Contentment

You could feel this when you are with a certain person or group of people, at a particular time or when visiting a calming destination. It is the sense of peace when your mind is at rest and comfortable in its surroundings. Put simply, you are just blissful.

11. Satisfaction

Maybe you once had an assignment that you have been putting off but eventually struggled through, finished it and handed it on time. Do you remember the feeling once it was all done and dusted? That is satisfaction at its finest.

12. Amusement

All the funny aspects of the world — jokes, situations, contexts, quips, sketches, people — everything that makes you belly laugh (you know, when it feels like you have done 300 sit-ups); this is sheer amusement.

13. Awe

Many things can result in us feeling awed, especially in the natural world. Looking at something so astoundingly amazing, thought-provoking and wonderous that you can do nothing but stare — that is awe.

14. Joy

Children experience joy at the smallest things, as you probably know. But, as we get older it can be harder to find those purely delightful, happy and satisfying moments — once we are experiencing joy, however, it is amazing.

15. Cheerfulness

Cheerfulness encompasses happiness and optimism. It comes to fruition when we set our minds to a state of positivity and we are feeling like things are going in exactly the right way.

16. Free

The state of being free is one where you are feeling as if nothing is holding you back anymore. Maybe you have earned enough money to leave the nest or you have everything you need to live the life you want. Whatever it is, this is a mindset that should be treasured.

17. Relief

In a situation where you expected the worse, but instead, something great came out of it, the feeling of pure happiness washing over you is referred to as relief.

18. Prosperous

When you feel abundant in something, i.e. your state of mind reflects your feeling of having a lot of something good, you will feel prosperous. It is as if your personal needs have finally been met in a positive way.

19. Optimism

Optimism is a truly wonderful state to be in. When you are optimistic, you feel as if everything will work out well and you are feeling good about the future and its prospects.

20. Happiness

Happiness is a generalized feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. Sometimes you may feel happy for a specific reason but, for the most part, this emotion is an all-round term when things are going well for you.

21. Eagerness

This is a toned-down version of enthusiasm. You may feel ready to take on a task or start a new job and will go into it with excitement.

22. Surprise

No one likes negative surprises, so of course, we will only talk about the positive type here! It could come about because of a birthday party you weren’t aware of, a gift you didn’t expect to receive or countless other situations.

23. Affectionate

You will most likely feel affectionate towards the people you have a strong emotional attachment to — yes, pets are included!

24. Elevation

Think back to the times you have witnessed someone being generous or kind and the aspiration you had to act in the same way. The uplifting feeling is exactly what elevation is.

25. Inspiration

Inspiration can be linked fairly closely with awe. If you have watched the sunrise, experienced the wonders of animals in their natural habitats or saw someone who is excellent at their craft, that pure uplifted feeling is what inspiration refers to.

26. Blissful

If you have experienced a really strong sense of satisfaction and peace, then at this time, you were feeling blissful — it is a great state of mind to be in.

27. Altruism

When you do something nice, kind or just plain good for another person, you will be feeling altruistic. It can also come into play when you have an unexplainable, large want to give generously to people without desiring anything in return.

28. Compassion

If you have ever felt a huge sense of sympathy, empathy, worry and concern for someone who is suffering, whether you know them personally or not, then you have experienced compassion. Unsurprisingly, it links pretty closely to kindness and generosity as a way of showing this feeling to others.

29. Love

Love. The most intense positive emotion of them all. In reality, it includes pretty much all of the other feelings listed here like affection, joy, gratitude and happiness. You will never be able to compare much to love as it is so incredibly powerful and strong — it is what makes life worth it.

Put These Positive Feeling Words to Use

There are hundreds and hundreds of positive feeling words out there that can help you to unlock the true potential of your life. Remember that not everything in this world is negative, despite what the news and social media likes to say. As long as you search for the silver linings of even the darkest of clouds, you will live a fulfilling, happy life.

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