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Contents: and are joining forces in a strategic acquisition, heralding an exciting new chapter in the realm of online mental health resources.

What’s Changing for and

This partnership marks an exciting development for as we integrate insightful articles from into our platform. Thanks to the merge readers can anticipate a broader array of mental health resources, combining the strengths of both platforms. is known for its user-friendly approach to mental health content covering topics like Stress & Anxiety, Health & Wellness and more. is a go-to resource for connecting individuals with qualified therapists through their Therapist Directory.  On you can also find therapy guides – how to start therapy, therapy types, therapy costs and other councelling and therapy related articles.

Benefits for Readers

For individuals relying on and for mental health support, this acquisition means an enhanced user experience. The combined expertise and resources of both platforms will provide a more holistic approach to mental health, catering to a wider range of needs.

Users can look forward to a unified platform that seamlessly integrates the strengths of’s mental health content and’s robust therapy focused content. This synergy aims to create a more supportive and informative environment for those navigating the complexities of mental health and seeking professional help.

Why the Acquisition?

The decision to bring and together stems from their shared mission and target audience. Both platforms cater to individuals seeking mental health information and support, making this collaboration a natural progression in the evolution of digital mental health resources.

By combining their content and expertise, and aim to provide a one-stop-shop for mental health information, resources, and access to qualified professionals.

New Blog Categories on Find-a-Therapist

To streamline user navigation and offer a more organized experience, there will be some blog categories that will be added to Find-a-therapist:


    This consolidation aims to simplify the user journey, ensuring that individuals can easily find the information and resources they need.

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