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BetterHelp Therapy Review 2024: Pros & Cons Based On Real Experience

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Looking for a therapist?

Are you considering online therapy but unsure which platform to choose? BetterHelp has emerged as a popular choice for those seeking a convenient and affordable mental health solution.

In this comprehensive BetterHelp review, we’ll explore everything you need to know about BetterHelp, from its services and pricing to its privacy policies and user satisfaction.

Read our 2024 review of BetterHelp therapy for an honest evaluation of its pros and cons based on real experiences. Find out if it’s right for you.

Explore emotional well-being with BetterHelp – your partner in affordable online therapy. With 30,000+ licensed therapists and plans starting from only $65 per week, BetterHelp makes self-care accessible to all. Complete the questionnaire to match with the right therapist.

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Understanding BetterHelp: An Overview


BetterHelp is a leading online counseling platform that connects individuals with licensed and credentialed therapists, providing discreet and affordable online counseling.

The platform offers a range of communication methods with therapists, including messaging, live chat, phone, and video sessions, catering to the diverse needs of its users.

However, there are some drawbacks to BetterHelp, such as no insurance coverage accepted, and limited access to specialized treatment.

How to Sign Up for BetterHelp

The sign-up process for BetterHelp is simple and efficient, taking approximately 10-30 minutes to complete.

Users start by answering a series of questions regarding their demographics, therapy preferences, and overall health, which BetterHelp uses to match them with a suitable therapist.

Once matched, users can schedule an appointment with their therapist and begin their therapy journey. It’s important to note that BetterHelp requires credit card information for registration or an application for financial aid.

Who would BetterHelp be best for?

BetterHelp is an excellent option for individuals without mental support seeking online therapy to enhance their quality of life.

The platform is particularly effective for users seeking help with anxiety and self-esteem, as these are the most common reasons individuals seek online therapy sessions while on BetterHelp.

However, it’s important to note that BetterHelp may not be suitable for everyone. For instance, individuals requiring more intensive treatment options, emergency care, or crisis management should not utilize BetterHelp and instead seek traditional in-person therapy.

Communication Methods and Features

One of BetterHelp’s most notable features is its variety of communication methods, allowing users to choose the plan that best suits their needs and preferences.

Messaging therapy, live chat, phone, and video sessions are all available on the platform, providing flexibility and convenience for users who may not have access to traditional in-person therapy.

In addition to the various communication methods, BetterHelp offers other features to enhance the therapy experience.

Messaging Therapy

Messaging therapy on BetterHelp offers an email-like service with varying response times, allowing users to communicate with their therapist at their own pace and schedule.

This option particularly appeals to those who feel more comfortable expressing themselves through written communication rather than live sessions.

Messaging therapy also provides the added benefit of reviewing past conversations and tracking progress over time, which can be invaluable for users looking to monitor their mental health and growth.

Live Chat, Phone, and Video Sessions

Live chat, phone, and video sessions on BetterHelp allow users to connect with their therapist in real-time, providing a more interactive and personal therapy experience. Each of these communication methods has its unique benefits, catering to the preferences and needs of different users.

Live chat sessions are an excellent option for those who prefer a text-based communication method. In contrast, phone and video sessions offer a more direct and personal connection with the therapist.

The availability of these different communication methods allows users to tailor their therapy experience to their specific needs and comfort levels.

For example, some users may prefer a combination of messaging therapy, video sessions, and live sessions, while others may focus solely on video sessions.

Regardless of the method chosen, BetterHelp’s diverse range of communication options ensures that users can find the therapy method that best supports their mental health journey.

Journaling and Groupinars

In addition to one-on-one therapy options, BetterHelp also offers journaling exercises and groupings to supplement the therapy experience.

Journaling is a valuable tool for self-reflection and mindfulness, allowing users to process their thoughts and emotions in a structured manner. BetterHelp users can choose from open-ended journaling or select from hundreds of prompts and suggestions to guide their writing.

Groupinars, on the other hand, are live web presentations on various mental health topics, providing users with additional resources and support from experienced therapists.

Both journaling and groupings can be valuable additions to the therapy experience, offering users new perspectives and insights into their mental health journey.

Comparing BetterHelp to Traditional In-Person Therapy

While BetterHelp offers many advantages over traditional in-person therapy, it’s essential to recognize that it may not be the ideal solution for everyone.

The convenience and comfort these online therapy services provide can be incredibly beneficial for many users. Still, those requiring long-term or higher-level care may need to seek alternative options.

Traditional in-person therapy may be better suited for individuals with more severe mental health conditions or those requiring more intensive treatment options, such as medication management or psychiatric services.

Despite these limitations, BetterHelp remains an excellent choice for many individuals seeking accessible and affordable mental health support.

BetterHelp Costs

One of the most significant benefits of BetterHelp is its affordability. With a cost of $65 to 90 per week (billed every 4 weeks), BetterHelp offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional therapy, often costing upwards of $200 per session.

Explore emotional well-being with BetterHelp – your partner in affordable online therapy. With 30,000+ licensed therapists and plans starting from only $65 per week, BetterHelp makes self-care accessible to all. Complete the questionnaire to match with the right therapist.

Note: We collaborate with top-tier mental health companies and receive advertising fees from purchases through the BetterHelp links.

Financial Aid Options

BetterHelp offers financial aid options for students, veterans, and low-income individuals, ensuring that many users can access the support they need. Financial aid is determined individually, considering factors such as employment status, household income, and number of dependents.

By offering financial aid, BetterHelp helps to make therapy more accessible and affordable for those who may not have the financial resources to access traditional therapy services.

Insurance Coverage

BetterHelp does not accept insurance, which may concern some users who rely on their insurance for mental health services.

Types of Therapists on BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers a wide range of licensed therapists to cater to its users’ varied needs and preferences. These therapists include:

  • Licensed psychologists (Ph.D./PsyD)
  • Marriage and family therapists (LMFT)
  • Licensed clinical social workers (LCSW)
  • Licensed professional counselors (LPC).

With such a diverse selection of therapists, users can be confident they will find the support they need, regardless of their mental health concerns or therapy preferences.

My Experience After Using Betterhelp for Three Months

After using BetterHelp for three months, I found the platform incredibly helpful and supportive.

My therapist was an excellent match for me, and I felt comfortable opening up to her about my struggles. She provided actionable advice and resources that I could use outside of our sessions, which significantly contributed to the improvement of my self-esteem and my mental health.

However, it’s important to note that individual experiences with BetterHelp may vary. While I had a positive experience with the platform, others may encounter challenges with their therapist or its features.

It’s essential to approach BetterHelp with an open mind and be willing to communicate your needs and preferences with your therapist to ensure a successful therapy experience.

User Satisfaction and Reviews

BetterHelp has received positive reviews from most users, with a 4.07 out of 5 stars rating on BBB and a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot as of April 2024. Users value the platform’s convenience, ease of use, and the quality of the therapists available.

Pros & Cons

pros and cons .Image by pch.vector on Freepik

While BetterHelp offers numerous benefits, they also come with potential drawbacks.

In this section, we’ll explore the pros and cons of BetterHelp to help you make informed decisions about whether online therapy is the right choice for your mental health needs.

Pros of BetterHelpCons of BetterHelp
Offers a wide selection of therapists catering to various mental health concerns and therapy preferencesDoes not accept insurance coverage
Straightforward and user-friendly sign-up processCommunication options may be restrictive, with live sessions limited to certain therapists and schedules
Cost-effective pricing, making therapy more accessible for those without health insurance or limited financial resourcesMay not suit individuals who prefer in-person sessions or require more complex psychiatric care

Privacy and Security on BetterHelp

BetterHelp claims to be HITRUST Risk-based, 2-year (r2) Certified certified and has implemented advanced technologies to ensure the privacy and security of its users.

If you use the online messaging function to chat directly, BetterHelp ensures all the messages between you and your therapist are encrypted.

Users should be aware of any potential risks and decide whether BetterHelp is the right choice for them based on their privacy concerns and needs.


In conclusion, BetterHelp is a convenient and affordable online therapy platform that offers users a wide range of therapy options and mental health services. While not suitable for everyone, the platform can be an excellent solution for those without mental health coverage seeking support to enhance their quality of life.

With its easy sign-up process, a diverse range of therapists, and various communication methods, BetterHelp provides a valuable alternative to traditional in-person therapy. By making an informed decision about whether BetterHelp is the right choice for you, you can begin your journey to improved mental health and well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are BetterHelp therapists qualified to help me?

Yes, BetterHelp therapists possess the necessary qualifications and licenses to provide therapy. They must have a Master’s or Doctorate degree in psychology, social work, marriage and family therapy, or a related field and must be licensed to provide clinical therapy by a state board.

This ensures that users can receive professional and qualified support from their therapist on BetterHelp.

How does a therapist matching work?

BetterHelp uses an algorithm to match users with therapists based on the information provided during the sign-up process, including demographics, therapy preferences, and overall health.

This sophisticated matching system ensures that users are paired with a therapist most suitable for their needs and preferences, providing a more effective and personalized therapy experience. Additionally, members have the option to switch therapists as well.

How Do I Cancel My BetterHelp Subscription?

Canceling your BetterHelp subscription is a simple process. You can contact the platform’s customer service team via email or phone or navigate to the Payment Settings page within your account and click on the “Change Plan” or “Quit Counseling” button.

It’s important to note that any unused time in your subscription will not be refunded, so cancel before your next billing cycle begins.

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Note: We collaborate with top-tier mental health companies and we earn a commission if you purchase services through our ads.

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