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Are you or your partner struggling with sexual addiction?

If you’re looking to improve your mental health and quality of life, you might be looking for a CSAT therapist near me to help begin the recovery process.

In this article, we’ve explained where you can find a qualified CSAT counselor near you, online or in person. We’ve also explored CSAT therapy in more detail, helping you find the right support service.

Want to skip right to the suggestions for CSAT therapists? Here are our 3 recommended therapy solutions:

  1. ReGain
  2. Calmerry
  3. CSAT counselor directory

Best CSAT therapist near me/online

Below, we’ve first looked at accessible online CSAT therapy services, helping you get access to the best possible counseling, especially if there aren’t many CSAT specialists in your local area.

We’ve also explained how to find the right CSAT therapist near me, if you’re looking for in-person help.

1. ReGain (online service)

Tailored for individuals and couples navigating relationship or marital issues – ReGain is your online relationship therapy solution. Starting at $60/week, you can schedule one weekly live session and message your therapist anytime. Start your path to healthier connections with ReGain – fill out their online assessment form.

Note: We collaborate with top-tier mental health companies and receive compensation for marketing efforts on behalf of ReGain.

ReGain is a sister company of Betterhelp, a US-based online therapy platform.

Essentially, ReGain is Betterhelp’s relationship and marriage counseling service. They specialize in individual and couples counseling, and offer dedicated CSAT therapy services.

ReGain gives you access to a qualified therapist anytime, anywhere. You can access the service using any device, such as your computer, tablet, or smartphone, and you can schedule sessions at a time that works for you/your partner.

What’s more, you can get in touch over the channel that suits you best – whether it be by phone, video call, or live text messaging. ReGain is a very accessible, easy to use service, helping you find support that works with your specific needs.

When you join ReGain, you can choose to share an account with your significant other.

If you share an account, this means that all written communication is visible to both parties, however individual live sessions can also be scheduled if you want to get help by yourself. You can add your partner to your account by sending him or her an online “invitation” – this can either be done immediately after signing up, or later in the process.

ReGain’s mental health professionals are licensed and accredited therapists, with specific expertise in relationship counseling.

Each sex addiction therapist either has a master’s or doctoral degree in psychology, and their CSAT-certified sex addiction therapists also have the appropriate certification from their home state’s official psychologist or counselor board. ReGain makes sure to only accept qualified counselors with at least three years and 1000 hours of hands-on experience and training.

After making an account, you fill in an online form to explain what you’d like to get out of CSAT therapy sessions. Then, ReGain matches you up with a suitable counselor, and treatment can begin. You can always ask to change CSAT-trained therapist at any time for any reason.

2. Calmerry (online service)

Embark on a journey of mental wellness with Calmerry. With diverse subscription options, starting at just $50, Calmerry makes prioritizing your mental health simple and accessible. You can message your therapist any day or schedule a live therapy session from the comfort of your home from any device. 

Find-a-therapist readers get 30%-OFF with the code CARE.

Calmerry is an online counseling platform that uses an evidence-based approach to provide mental health care for its clients. All therapists on the platform are licensed, certified professionals.

There is a large number of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapists on the platform, and CBT is one of the most effective psychotherapeutic approaches for dealing with sex addiction.

Furthermore, many therapists on the platform specialize in different forms of relationship counseling they can offer support to you (and possibly your partner) while going through sex addiction therapy.

Calmerry offers three different subscription plans:

  • The first plan includes unlimited text-based therapy – you can connect with your therapist over text messages.
  • The second plan, a slightly more expensive one, offers weekly live therapy sessions lasting 30 minutes in addition to unlimited text therapy.
  • The third, most comprehensive plan offers four weekly therapy sessions lasting 30 minutes each.

In order to sign up, you will first have to create an account, and fill out a short questionnaire asking you about the issues you’re struggling with. Calmerry uses this information to match you with the right therapist.

You will then choose your subscription plan and wait until your therapist gets in touch with you, which normally occurs within 48 hours.

If you’re not satisfied with your therapist for any reason, you can always request another one.

One of the downsides is that Calmerry doesn’t offer joint couples therapy. It’s a better choice if you’re looking to see a CSAT therapist by yourself.

They only provide individual relationship or couples counseling that you and your partner have to attend separately, meaning you’ll both need to pay for access to the service.

3. IITAP website (CSAT counselor directory)

The International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP) is an organization founded by expert counselor Dr. Patrick Carnes. Dr. Carnes created the original CSAT counselor accreditation and training program, and IITAP is the leading sex addiction industry organization in the United States.

On the IITAP website, there is a therapist near me tab. Here you can fill in your location details, and the site will show you nearby CSAT therapists.

Unfortunately, the site only lists CSAT professionals in the United States, and if you live in a small town or city, you might not be able to find a qualified therapist near you.

However, if you’re looking for in-person support and live in a major city, then the IITAP website is a great place to look for trained CSAT therapy providers.

What is a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT)?

Therapist taking notes in a notebook.

CSAT is a certification program created by Dr. Patrick Carnes, an expert sexual addiction counselor. The certification provides training in trauma, mental health care, and the treatment of sexual addictions.

A CSAT (or “Certified Sex Addict Therapist”) can help you with:

  • Personal urges
  • Repairing your relationship after cheating
  • Working through the trauma of the sex addict or their partner
  • Sex addiction
  • Pornography addiction
  • Compulsive behavior

Certified sex addiction therapists often receive their qualifications by completing a training program run by the International Institute for Trauma & Addiction Professionals (IITAP).

Not just any therapist can join the program and become a CSAT. Dr. Patrick Carnes made this training program with the goal to provide support for those struggling with sexual addictions, and IITAP keeps a strict eye on quality.

A mental health professional can only be accepted into the CSAT training program if they are fully licensed, with at least a master’s degree and a minimum of five years of clinical experience.

Why choose online CSAT therapy?

Making an appointment with a good local CSAT counselor can be difficult, depending on where you live. Getting a booking in person might also require taking time off if you work 9-5.

Online CSAT therapy gives the freedom to get help on your own terms. You can choose to address your sexual issues by phone, text messaging, or live video calls, at a time of day that works for you.

Also, searching for a CSAT therapist can be taxing. Online platforms like ReGain do the hard work for you, helping you match with a counselor that meets your needs, who is available when you’re available. With services such as ReGain, you only need to do a short questionnaire to get matched with the right certified sex addiction therapist.

Online CSAT counselors can sometimes be cheaper than in-person counselors. Still, prices of online platforms differ, and they aren’t generally covered by your insurance.

The exact price you’ll have to pay will depend on what is included. Basic packages sometimes only include the ability to text message or chat online, while others also include online video or phone sessions.

In general, an online certified sex addiction therapist can be a great alternative to in-person CSAT therapy. However, if you or your partner poses a potential danger to yourself or someone else, you should see a mental health professional that provides services offline.

A physically abusive relationship poses an immediate threat to physical and mental health, and must be treated in person. Call the emergency services if you or someone you know is in immediate danger.

What is sexual addiction?

Sexual materials on phone in bed.

Sexual addiction is a loaded term that is used frequently in popular culture.

We sometimes hear about people who suffer from their impulsive sexual urges, and have no ability to control themselves. There are stories of people losing their job for sexting during work hours, or being caught using their work computer to watch porn on the job.

Sex addicts may also search for intimacy or sexual connection in the arms of strangers on a daily basis, and immediately feel regret after a one-night stand. While there is no inherent problem with masturbation or having casual sex, it can become problematic if addiction develops.

Sexual addiction is a term in psychology to describe compulsive sexual behaviors. Sexual addiction is not the same as having kinks, fetishes, or cheating. It is not a title that should be used to punish women, LGBTQ+ or other marginalized groups for exploring their sexuality.

Masturbating, watching pornography or exploring your sexual needs with multiple partners are often normal behaviors. When you cannot manage or control these behaviors, it may be worth looking for a CSAT therapist.

Symptoms and behaviors of sexual addiction

Seeking help for sexual addiction might be useful if:

  • Your sexual behavior is out of control
  • What you’re doing has severely negative consequences on your life
  • You can’t stop, although you wish you could (and might have tried multiple times)
  • What you’re doing is self-destructive, or destructive to your family/sexual partners
  • You spend too much time on your sexual activity or fantasy
  • You neglect social, occupational or other activities because of it, and your relationships are suffering as a result
  • You’re highly distressed
  • The issue has been going on for at least 6 months

How is sexual addiction diagnosed?

Medical model of a brain.

Although you might recognize one or more of your behaviors on the above list, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has not yet added “sexual addiction” as an official diagnosis in the United States. Researchers cannot currently diagnose it as an addiction.

However, upon reading the DSM, under the section  “hypersexual disorder”, you will find a description of a very similar group of symptoms. Using the DSM-5, the latest DSM version, this similar symptom group can be found under the diagnosis “other specified sexual dysfunction”.

While the American Psychological Association (APA) does not currently provide a separate category for these clinical sexual issues, the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) recognizes sexual addiction as an official diagnosis, providing a sign that support is needed. The ICD calls it “compulsive sexual behavior disorder”, although they do not consider it to be an addiction.

Recognition of this diagnosis in the ICD is a big step forward for those struggling with compulsive behavior. This is because the ICD is the diagnostic tool of the World Health Organization (WHO).

The problem with not recognizing sexual addiction as a mental health issue is that the suffering of clients and their family can sometimes be ignored by psychologists. A diagnosis helps to give clients, their family, and addiction therapists tools to treat sexual addiction and any associated trauma.

I may be struggling with sexual addiction. What should I do?

After reading this information, you might feel like you are truly struggling with addiction. We understand that sexual addiction can have a big impact on your personal and family life.

It is important to search for licensed support services, as sexual addiction can have ugly consequences if left uncontrolled.

For example, depending on your behavior, you may be at increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), getting in excess levels of debt, or other financial struggles from losing your job, or the costs of paying for cybersex or prostitution. Some exhibitionistic behaviors may even get you in trouble with the law.

Lastly, sexual addiction can rip your family apart. This might be a direct or indirect effect of uncontrollable cheating or compulsive pornography use.

As with other psychology-related problems, support is available. A fully certified sex addiction therapist has the knowledge and specialized training to help you on your way to recovery.

When to seek help for sexual addiction

Person receiving sex addiction counseling.

Looking for a “CSAT therapist near me” can help you get on the road to recovery. If you are struggling with sexual addiction, qualified counselors with the proper certifications can treat you online.

In essence, you should get professional help if you see the signs of compulsive sexual addiction.

Consider scheduling an appointment with a CSAT-trained therapist if you notice:

  • High risk-taking behavior (such as having multiple sexual partners without condoms)
  • You are hurting yourself or others, and are not in control
  • Your sexual habits are interfering with your work, school, life or social relations.

With the right counseling, you can begin to get treatment and improve your life and relationships.


Still have questions about CSAT counseling, or are you unsure how to find the best CSAT therapist for your specific needs?

Leave a comment below, and one of our team will reply as soon as possible.

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