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Looking for a therapist?

Enter the world of online therapy, a growing trend that offers affordable and accessible mental health care at our fingertips.

One option is, a platform providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and couples therapy through licensed professionals.

In our comprehensive review, we’ll explore the platform’s features, benefits, and how it compares to other online therapy providers to help you make an informed decision for your mental health journey.

Discover transformative online therapy with Through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), offers individual and couples support starting at $45/week. Engage in sessions via video, voice, or text for maximum flexibility. Fill out their online questionnaire to get started. An Overview is a virtual platform that specializes in providing online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and couples therapy services.

With every membership, clients gain access to a self-paced program with 25 interactive worksheets divided into eight sections, designed to help them understand the interconnection between their behavior, thoughts, and emotions, as well as develop healthier coping strategies.

The platform’s commitment to affordability and accessibility makes it a viable option for those seeking mental health support. It is especially suitable for individuals who prefer online communication and are dealing with mild mental health issues.

The platform also offers various resources, including yoga and meditation videos, to complement the therapy experience.

Therapy Approach

The platform’s primary focus is on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a scientifically proven approach to addressing mental health issues by challenging and replacing negative thought patterns with more realistic and advantageous ones.

By utilizing an interactive, hands-on approach to therapy, ensures that clients can actively engage in their mental health journey.

Professional Counselors employs a diverse range of licensed and trained therapists, each with their unique expertise and approaches to therapy.

The platform ensures that all therapists possess a full license, have 2000 hours of clinical experience, and demonstrate proficiency in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methods. This guarantees that clients receive quality care from professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled in their respective fields.

Signing Up and Getting Started

Creating an account and getting started on is a user-friendly and straightforward process.

Clients can easily sign up, provide their personal information, and select their therapy preferences, after which they will be promptly matched with a suitable therapist.

This quick and hassle-free process allows clients to begin their mental health journey with minimal barriers.

Account Creation

Account Creation

The sign-up process on is designed with user convenience in mind. Clients simply need to:

  1. Access the platform’s website
  2. Select their presenting problems from a list
  3. Choose their preferred therapist gender and session type
  4. Provide their personal information

This efficient process allows clients to start their therapy journey without any unnecessary complications.

Therapist Matching takes the guesswork out of finding the right therapist by matching clients with a suitable professional based on their needs and preferences.

Once clients have completed the sign-up process, they are promptly matched with a therapist who possesses the appropriate expertise and experience to address their specific concerns. This ensures that clients receive targeted and effective therapy from the very start.

The matching process is simple and straightforward, and clients can rest assured that they are being matched with the right person. Toolbox

The toolbox is a comprehensive resource that offers a range of tools and materials to support clients on their mental health journey.

From worksheets and live sessions to additional resources like yoga and meditation videos, the toolbox is designed to complement the therapy experience and help clients work on their thoughts, emotions, and goals.

The toolbox provides a range of activities and resources to help clients explore their feelings and identify their needs.

Worksheets and Activities

Worksheets and activities play a vital role in the therapy process on These resources are designed to:

  • Help clients gain a deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and goals
  • Provide therapists with valuable insights into their condition
  • Allow clients to actively engage with the materials and receive guidance from their therapists

This interactive nature of the worksheets makes the therapy experience more effective and personalized. Moreover, worksheets can be utilized as a reference for future therapy sessions, enabling clients and therapists to focus on relevant topics and track progress over time.

This structure not only ensures that clients receive targeted support but also encourages them to take an active role in their mental health journey.

Live Sessions

Live sessions on provide clients with:

  • Real-time interaction with their therapists through video, audio, or chat
  • A more personalized and interactive experience than standard online therapy
  • The opportunity to address their concerns and receive guidance in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Additionally, live sessions provide greater flexibility in scheduling, making them a convenient option for clients with busy schedules.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

In addition to the core therapy components, also offers supplementary resources to enhance clients’ mental health journey. These resources include:

  • An online journal for tracking thoughts and feelings
  • An activity plan for daily motivation
  • Yoga and meditation videos for relaxation and stress relief

By providing a diverse range of tools and materials, ensures that clients have access to comprehensive support throughout their therapy experience.

Pros & Cons

Like any service, has its pros and cons. Here you can see some advantages and disadvantages.


Affordable and convenient access to licensed therapists from the comfort of your own home

Does not accept insurance payments

Interactive tools and resources

Payment per session is not available

Encouragement of active engagement and personal growth

Sending video or audio messages to your therapist is not supported
20% of discount on the first monthCannot prescribe medication

Pricing and Affordability recognizes that different clients have different budgets and needs, offering a range of flexible pricing plans to accommodate these requirements.

Basic$50 per week

Unlimited messaging therapy with your therapist

Daily feedback from Monday to Friday

Therapy Program
Standard$80 per weekUnlimited messaging therapy with your therapist

Daily feedback from Monday to Friday

Therapy Program

One live video session
Premium$110 per weekUnlimited messaging therapy with your therapist

Daily feedback from Monday to Friday

Therapy Program

Two live video session
Couples$110 per weekUnlimited messaging therapy with your therapist

Daily feedback from Monday to Friday

Therapy Program

One live video session

All plans come with a 20% discount on the first month (the prices shown here don’t have the discount included). You can cancel or change your plan anytime without extra fees or contracts. is more affordable than traditional face-to-face therapy, which can cost anywhere from $100 to $300 per session. This platform also offers more flexibility and convenience, as you can access the platform from anywhere and at any time that suits you.

Privacy and Safety on prioritizes clients’ privacy and safety, implementing stringent data security measures and offering anonymity options for those who prefer to keep their identity confidential. The platform is HIPAA-compliant, ensuring that sensitive patient data is protected and secure.

By adhering to these privacy and safety standards, clients can trust that their personal information is in good hands on

Data Security

To protect user data, utilizes encryption and adheres to HIPAA regulations. The platform’s commitment to data security ensures that clients’ personal information remains secure and confidential throughout their therapy experience.

Additionally, user accounts and all associated information are automatically deleted after two years of inactivity, further safeguarding clients’ privacy.

Anonymity Options

For clients who prefer added privacy, provides the option to remain anonymous while using the platform. Clients can choose to use a nickname instead of their real name and select text or audio chats to maintain their anonymity.

This feature allows clients to engage in therapy with the assurance that their identity remains confidential.

Comparing to Alternatives

To help you make an informed decision about your mental health care, it is essential to compare to other online therapy platforms like BetterHelp, Talkspace, and E-Therapy Cafe.

In the following sections, we will explore the key differences in pricing and accessibility among these platforms. vs. BetterHelp

Explore emotional well-being with BetterHelp – your partner in affordable online therapy. With 30,000+ licensed therapists and plans starting from only $65 per week, BetterHelp makes self-care accessible to all. Complete the questionnaire to match with the right therapist.

Note: We collaborate with top-tier mental health companies and receive advertising fees from purchases through the BetterHelp links. provides access to a licensed therapist, as well as online worksheets, videos, and live chat sessions. The platform also has a mobile app that allows users to access their therapy anytime and anywhere. The cost of ranges from $50 to $110 per week, depending on the level of support and features.

BetterHelp does not offer a specific type of therapy, but rather matches users with therapists who can tailor their approach to the user’s needs and preferences. BetterHelp offers one weekly live session and allows users to message their therapists anytime. The platform also has a mobile app that enables users to access their therapy on the go. The cost of BetterHelp starts from $65 to $90 per week.

Read our BetterHelp Therapy review. vs. Talkspace

Tailored to individuals, couples, teens, and offering psychiatry services, Talkspace plans kick off at a wallet-friendly $69 per week. What’s more, many health insurances also cover their services, enhancing accessibility and affordability. Complete a questionnaire and get matched with the right therapist for you.

Find-a-therapist readers get $100-OFF with a code SPACE. provides you with a personal therapist who guides you through a structured program of worksheets, videos, and live chat sessions. You can also access additional tools, such as a journal, an activity plan, and a yoga library. The pricing for varies between $50 and $110 per week, depending on the level of support and features you choose.

Talkspace is an app that connects you with a licensed therapist who matches your preferences and goals. You can communicate with your therapist via text, audio, or video messages at any time of the day. Talkspace offers different plans depending on the level of support you need, from unlimited messaging to live video sessions. You can also join online communities and access self-help resources on various topics. vs. E-Therapy Cafe and E-Therapy Cafe are two platforms that offer online counseling services. provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) with licensed therapists, while E-Therapy Cafe offers a variety of counseling modalities with certified coaches and counselors. has a comprehensive online program that includes worksheets, videos, live chats, and messages with the therapist. E-Therapy Cafe does not have a structured program, but allows the client to choose the preferred mode of communication, such as video, phone, or text.

Read our E-Therapy Cafe review.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, is an accessible and cost-effective option for individuals seeking mental health support through cognitive behavioral therapy and couples therapy.

With licensed therapists, interactive tools and resources, and a commitment to privacy and safety, the platform offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to improve their mental well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

How confidential is

Online therapy is very confidential due to the use of HIPAA-compliant platforms. Thus, it can provide safe and secure communication between clients and therapists.

Is suitable for everyone? may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with severe mental health issues or who prefer an in-person experience.

However, for those who are comfortable with the online format, it can be a great way to access mental health services from the comfort of their own home.

Does accept insurance? does not accept insurance, but offers alternative payment options such as HSA and FSA.

Additional Resources

Prioritizing our mental well-being is paramount in today’s fast-paced world. The digital age has redefined therapy and psychiatric care, making support more accessible than ever. To guide you towards a healthier state of mind, we’ve partnered with pioneering names in mental health.
Note: We collaborate with top-tier mental health companies and we earn a commission if you purchase services through our ads.

Online Therapy

Discover a path to emotional well-being with BetterHelp – your partner in convenient and affordable online therapy. With a vast network of 30,000+ licensed therapists, they’re committed to helping you find the one to support your needs. Take advantage of their Free Online Assessment, and connect with a therapist who truly understands you. Begin your journey today.

Relationship Counceling

Whether you’re facing communication challenges, trust issues, or simply seeking to strengthen your connection, ReGain’s experienced therapists are here to guide you and your partner toward a healthier, happier connection from the comfort of your own space. Get started.

Therapist Directory

Discover the perfect therapist who aligns with your goals and preferences, allowing you to take charge of your mental health. Whether you’re searching for a specialist based on your unique needs, experience level, insurance coverage, budget, or location, our user-friendly platform has you covered. Search here.

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