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Khelsea Walker

Qualification(s): LPC

Offers: Online Therapy

Speaks: English

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Khelsea Walker is a Licensed Professional Counselor based in TN, who works with adults, teens, and couples, with a focus on mental health services. Many of Khelsea’s clients navigate feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression that have become overwhelming, and impact how they show up at work and in relationships. She works with clients to explore core beliefs about themselves, others, and the systems they exist within, co-creating practical strategies tailored to each client and their life journey.

Khelsea’s approach is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, an evidence-based approach that focuses on helping clients understand how their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are interconnected, so that they can begin to make targeted change. She works to help clients understand their physical response to external stressors, and begin to problem-solve ways to introduce moments of calm, to choose to respond rather than react in the face of change.

Her focus is on ensuring that her clients see real progress: her style is interactive, non-judgmental, and positions clients as the experts on where they are now, and where they want to go. A trauma-informed therapist, Khelsea is sensitive to the influence of past experiences on present challenges, and works closely with clients to reframe the narrative of their life in a way that increases self-confidence and compassion.

Khelsea’s first priority in starting with a new client is ensuring that they feel safe, heard, and like an equal partner in the therapeutic process. As a seasoned telehealth provider, she offers the convenience of remote sessions to help make therapy a core component of your self-care calendar.


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aetna, cigna, BCBS, Optum, UHC
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Tennessee, USA

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