SonderMind vs. BetterHelp: Which Is the Better Option?

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Looking for a therapist?

With the rise of telehealth and online therapy platforms, mental health care has become more accessible. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one?

In this blog post, we’ll compare two popular platforms in a SonderMind vs. BetterHelp analysis to help you decide which service best meets your needs.

Short Summary

  • Comparing SonderMind and BetterHelp in 2024: both platforms offer different services, pricing models, and insurance coverage.

  • SonderMind provides comprehensive mental health care but has limited availability of therapists. BetterHelp offers more convenience & accessibility without providing diagnosis or medication.

  • Both prioritize user privacy & security with end-to-end encryption plus financial aid/insurance coverage for those who qualify.

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Comparing SonderMind and BetterHelp

SonderMind vs BetterHelp

Key Differences

Provides online and in-person therapy.Focuses solely on virtual talk therapy sessions.
Operates in 16 states across the USA.Available worldwide
Offers insurance partnerships with providers such as Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and Optum.Does not accept insurance.
Provides psychiatric services and medication prescriptions.Focuses on talk therapy without offering psychiatric services or medication prescriptions.

Navigating the world of mental health care can be overwhelming, with numerous mental health platform options offering a wide range of online therapy services for mental health conditions.

SonderMind and BetterHelp are two such platforms that have garnered attention for their mental health services and support.

SonderMind stands out by providing online and in-person therapy, while BetterHelp focuses solely on virtual talk therapy sessions. But how do these two platforms compare regarding services offered, pricing, availability, and accessibility?

Let’s delve into the key differences between SonderMind and BetterHelp to help you make the right choice for your mental health journey.

SonderMind Services

SonderMind is an online platform connecting individuals with mental health professionals, offering virtual and in-person therapy options.

With a focus on providing comprehensive mental health care, SonderMind offers psychiatric support and therapy sessions facilitated by a mental health professional.

The SonderMind mobile app allows users to easily schedule appointments, send messages, and manage billing information.

The platform also features an Education & Resources section, which provides valuable information on various therapy topics at no cost.

BetterHelp Services


BetterHelp, on the other hand, is an all-in-one talk therapy platform that connects users with licensed therapists for online mental health support.

Because BetterHelp is 100% online, users are not limited to their geo-location or hometown; that way, clients have access to a wider network of therapists and might have an easier time finding a match for them.

BetterHelp’s therapists possess licensure, training, experience, and accreditation in various mental health fields, ensuring users receive high-quality care.

Communication is key in therapy, and BetterHelp provides a variety of convenient methods for users to interact with their therapists, such as text-based and weekly live sessions via chat, video, and phone calls. 

  • Messaging: Utilize the messaging function within your therapy room to message your counselor whenever you need. Please note that this is not a live chat, so your therapist may not respond immediately. Both you and your therapist receive email notifications when a message is received.

  • Live sessions: You have the option to schedule 1 weekly live session with your counselor using the calendar function. You can choose between a live chat, video or audio session.

The BetterHelp website also features a comprehensive resource and advice section, giving users access to articles on various mental health topics.

Pricing and Affordability: SonderMind vs. BetterHelp

Pricing and Affordability

Regarding pricing and affordability, there are notable differences between SonderMind and BetterHelp.

SonderMind therapy sessions without insurance typically range from $85 to $175, depending on the length of the session and the user’s location.

On the other hand, BetterHelp mental health services are priced between $65 and $90 per week, billed monthly, making it a more budget-friendly option for individuals without insurance coverage.

However, SonderMind offers the advantage of insurance partnerships with providers such as Aetna, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, and Optum.

For those with insurance coverage, this can significantly reduce the cost of therapy sessions. In contrast, BetterHelp does not accept insurance but offers financial aid for those who qualify.

Availability and Accessibility: SonderMind vs. BetterHelp

Regarding availability and accessibility, both SonderMind and BetterHelp strive to make mental health care more convenient for users.

SonderMind currently operates in 16 states across the USA, providing video conferencing sessions, text or email reminders, and a mobile app for easy access to therapy when needed.

BetterHelp, on the other hand, is accessible woldwide and offers a more comprehensive support system through their app, including an option to message your therapist anytime.

Pros and Cons of Sondermind vs. BetterHelp

As we’ve seen, there are several noteworthy differences between SonderMind and BetterHelp.

SonderMind provides psychiatric services and medication prescriptions, while BetterHelp focuses on talk therapy without offering psychiatric services or medication prescriptions.

Individuals requiring more intensive treatment or medication might find SonderMind a better fit.

However, BetterHelp online therapy option may be more convenient and beneficial for those looking to focus on and enhance their mental well-being.

Another critical difference between the platforms is their pricing models and insurance coverage.

SonderMind is more expensive but accepts insurance from various providers, making it a more cost-effective option for those with insurance coverage.

On the other hand, BetterHelp does not accept insurance but offers financial aid for those who qualify, making it an affordable option for individuals without insurance coverage.

SonderMind Pros and Cons

Booking appointments with virtual and in-person therapists.Limited therapist availability.
Offers insurance reimbursement.Restricted access to certain services.
Provides psychiatric services and medication prescriptionsExtended wait times

On the other hand, BetterHelp provides a more convenient and accessible online therapy experience, with a wide range of communication methods and a large pool of licensed therapists to choose from.

However, BetterHelp therapists cannot provide an official diagnosis, prescribe medication, or comply with a court order, which may limit its suitability for some individuals. 

BetterHelp is not recommended for those in immediate danger or requiring critical mental health services.

BetterHelp Pros and Cons

Access to a large pool of licensed therapists.Therapists cannot provide an official diagnosis.
Convenience of online therapy sessions.Does not accept insurance.
Offers a wide range of communication methods.Does not prescribe medication.

Exploring the Sign-Up Process: Sondermind vs. BetterHelp


The initial steps regarding the sign-up process for SonderMind and BetterHelp are similar.

Users of both platforms must complete a simple online questionnaire. It includes personal details, demographic details, mental health issues, and preferences for therapy.

However, there are differences in how the platforms handle billing information and therapist matching.

BetterHelp requires users to provide payment information upfront and then match them with a therapist based on their responses to the questionnaire.

In contrast, SonderMind first presents users with a shortlist of therapists matched based on their questionnaire responses and only prompts for billing information after a therapist is selected.

Initial Questionnaire

The initial questionnaire for both SonderMind and BetterHelp serves an essential purpose: to gather information about the user’s mental health needs and preferences, allowing the platform to match them with the most suitable therapist.

The questionnaires for both platforms cover personal information, mental health history, and preferences for therapy, allowing the platforms to understand the user’s needs comprehensively.

The platform uses this information to create a customized treatment plan, ensuring users receive the most appropriate and effective care possible.

In addition to collecting basic information about the user, the initial questionnaire also helps to establish a rapport between the user and their therapist.

By providing detailed responses to the questionnaire, users can give their therapist a better understanding of their current mental health challenges and goals for therapy, allowing the therapist to tailor their approach accordingly.

Therapist Matching

The process of therapist matching is crucial in ensuring that users receive the most effective and personalized care possible.

Both SonderMind and BetterHelp utilize the information gathered during the initial questionnaire to match users with a therapist best suited to their needs and preferences.

SonderMind presents users with a shortlist of therapists who have been matched based on their questionnaire responses, enabling them to select the therapist they feel most comfortable with.

BetterHelp, on the other hand, matches users with a therapist based on their responses to the questionnaire and provides the option to switch therapists if the initial match is not satisfactory.

This flexibility allows users to find the right therapist, ensuring a more effective and enjoyable therapy experience.

Both platforms prioritize matching users with licensed therapists who are qualified and experienced in addressing a wide range of mental health concerns.

Account Creation and Management

Once a user has completed the initial questionnaire and matches with a therapist, the account creation and management process begins.

For SonderMind users, this involves setting up their billing information and accessing their therapy sessions through the platform’s telehealth software.

Users can also manage their insurance information through their SonderMind account, making it easy to keep track of their coverage and any changes in their insurance plan.

In contrast, BetterHelp requires users to provide their payment information upfront during sign-up and co-opts them into the platform’s subscription billing cycle.

BetterHelp users can access therapy sessions through the platform’s website or mobile app, making it easy to stay connected with their therapist and manage their accounts.

SonderMind Alternative Platforms

While SonderMind offers a unique combination of online and in-person therapy options, other online therapy service platforms are available for those looking to explore different mental health care solutions.

Some alternative platforms include ReGain and Teen Counseling, each catering to specific mental health needs and preferences.

Clinical social workers can also be found on these platforms to provide support and guidance.

Unlike BetterHelp, SonderMind does not operate as a subscription service, which can be seen as a disadvantage in certain aspects.

While SonderMind offers lower self-pay rates than typical out-of-pocket rates for in-person therapy, they tend to be higher than the copays required for clients with mental health coverage.

Opting for a monthly therapy subscription may allow you to pay a lower amount, although it’s important to note that sessions at BetterHelp are shorter than a full hour.

These platforms may provide additional features, pricing models, or therapist networks that better suit your unique requirements and preferences.

BetterHelp Alternative Platforms

Similarly, if BetterHelp online therapy model doesn’t seem the perfect fit for your mental health needs, alternative platforms exist to consider.

Options such as Octave, and E-Therapy Cafe offer different features, pricing structures, and therapist networks that may be more suitable for your specific mental health concerns.

While some online therapy platforms may provide additional insurance coverage options or the ability to select your preferred therapist, BetterHelp offers users the flexibility to message their therapist anytime.

Additionally, users have the convenience of revisiting messages from their therapists using the platform’s re-read feature.

Ultimately, the evaluation of BetterHelp compared to its competitors will vary based on individual needs, preferences, and desired outcomes from the therapy experience.

Read our E-Therapy Cafe review here.

Insurance Coverage and Financial Aid

SonderMind vs BetterHelp

A key factor to consider when choosing between SonderMind and BetterHelp is insurance coverage and financial aid availability.

SonderMind accepts insurance from various providers, as long as your provider is one of SonderMind’s insurance partners, available in 16 states nationwide, significantly reducing the cost of therapy sessions for individuals with insurance coverage.

In contrast, BetterHelp does not accept insurance but offers financial aid for those who qualify.

While BetterHelp may not be the ideal option for those with insurance coverage, their financial aid program can make mental health care more accessible for individuals without insurance or who need financial assistance.

SonderMind Insurance Coverage

SonderMind Insurance

SonderMind providers are in-network with various major insurance plans, such as HSA, FSA, EAP, Medicare, and Medicare Advantage plans.

To use insurance coverage with SonderMind, users must contact their insurance provider to confirm their coverage and then provide SonderMind with their insurance information.

By accepting insurance from various providers, SonderMind makes mental health care more accessible and affordable for users with insurance coverage, acting as a reliable mental health provider.

In addition to traditional insurance coverage, SonderMind offers competitive self-pay rates for users without insurance or whose insurance does not cover their therapy sessions.

This flexibility in payment options ensures that users can access the mental health care they need regardless of their insurance situation.

BetterHelp Insurance Coverage

BetterHelp does not accept insurance coverage from any health insurance provider. It is also not covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

Users are responsible for the total cost of their therapy sessions, ranging from $65 to $90 per week, depending on therapy preferences and location.

While the lack of insurance coverage may be a drawback for some users, BetterHelp’s financial aid program can make their mental health services more accessible for individuals without insurance or needing financial assistance.

By providing an affordable option for mental health care, BetterHelp ensures that users can access the support they need regardless of their financial situation.


In conclusion, SonderMind and BetterHelp offer valuable mental health services to those in need, with fundamental differences in their offerings, pricing, and accessibility.

SonderMind stands out for its combination of online and in-person therapy options, psychiatric support, and insurance coverage, while BetterHelp excels in providing convenient online therapy and financial aid options.

By considering factors such as services offered, pricing, insurance coverage, and user reviews, you can decide which platform best meets your mental health needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SonderMind better than BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is the better choice for online therapy due to its much lower cost, positive customer reviews, broad network of 30,000+ therapists, and global coverage.

For those wanting to get started with BetterHelp, click here to complete their questionnaire.

What is the downside of BetterHelp?

The primary downside to BetterHelp is that you cannot receive a diagnosis from its therapists and their services are not covered by insurance.

How is SonderMind different?

SonderMind offers a unique approach to online therapy services that differs from traditional online platforms.

Instead of giving subscribers unrestricted access to therapists, it connects users directly to a local provider for in-person sessions.

How is SonderMind different?

SonderMind stands out from other mental health platforms by connecting people to local mental health professionals for in-person sessions.

The online platform also defines care expectations between therapists and clients, eliminating the need for subscription fees like many other services. This personalized approach ensures each patient gets the tailored attention they deserve.

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