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Sometimes, due to the stresses we each face, we may begin to lose touch with our true selves, and our values. This is why, when you’re going through a hard time emotionally, it can be difficult to take even small decisions.

When you find that you’re out of touch with your values, and have lost your sense of self, intuitive counseling can help you to overcome this issue.

Want to skip right to the suggestions for intuitive therapy? Here are our 2 recommended therapy solutions:

  1. BetterHelp
  2. Talkspace

Intuitive therapy near me

To help you find an intuitive therapist, there are two platforms you can use that will connect you with this type of counselor.

1. BetterHelp

Explore emotional well-being with BetterHelp – your partner in affordable online therapy. With 30,000+ licensed therapists and plans starting from only $65 per week, BetterHelp makes self-care accessible to all. Complete the questionnaire to match with the right therapist.

Note: We collaborate with top-tier mental health companies and receive advertising fees from purchases through the BetterHelp links.

BetterHelp is an online mental health platform where you can connect with a licensed intuitive therapist at an affordable price.

To get started on BetterHelp, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire and answer some queries about yourself and the type of therapy you’re searching for. You can specify the type of intuitive or holistic therapy that you want to take part in.

At this point, BetterHelp will match you with a therapist, and you can communicate with them in three different ways:

  • Live chat with your therapist
  • Phone calls with your therapist
  • Video calling with your therapist

As a part of your subscription, you’ll be able to have one video call with your therapist each week, if you’re available, or you can have your session over live chat or on the phone. And in between sessions, you’ll have the chance to message your counselor – they’ll reply during business hours.

Therapy on BetterHelp is very accessible – you can get access to therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home. This is particularly helpful if you struggle to find quality intuitive therapists near to where you live.

Plus, the service is cheaper than most in-person counseling services, and they have a financial aid program, allowing you to access discounts if you’re a student, or unemployed, amongst other groups.

However, it’s important to note, to use BetterHelp, you will need good internet access on your tablet, phone, or laptop. In saying this, the BetterHelp website and mobile app are both very easy to use.

2. Talkspace

Tailored to individuals, couples, teens, and offering psychiatry services, Talkspace plans kick off at a wallet-friendly $69 per week. What’s more, many health insurances also cover their services, enhancing accessibility and affordability. Complete a questionnaire and get matched with the right therapist for you.

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Talkspace is another online therapy platform that can connect you with licensed therapists for personality development, helping you to improve your intuition.

You can get started with Talkspace by answering a few questions about your preferences, and what you’re looking for in a therapist, during a conversation with one of their matching agents. After choosing a therapist from the list of recommendations that your matching agent provides, you can connect with your counselor.

You can talk with your counselor using the Talkspace mobile app or your computer. Typically, you will have one scheduled session each week with your counselor, either through text chat, or via a video call, depending on your chosen subscription (being able to make video calls is more expensive). You will also be able to message your therapist in the interim period between each session.

It’s important to note, Talkspace is not a platform for in-person intuitive therapy sessions. Sometimes it becomes tough to express your emotions, feelings, and thoughts over the internet. However, online counseling can be much more convenient than face-to-face sessions, in that you don’t have to spend time traveling to see a counselor.

What is intuitive therapy?

Woman receiving counseling.

Intuitive therapy is an integrative type of psychotherapy that uses different emotion-based intuitive methods to make you more aware of your deep subconscious thoughts.

Generally, holistic therapists use their intuition to access this unconscious information, and bring it forward to be explored. They work using a holistic method that allows you to discover, express, and let go of the cause of the problems that are blocking your path to success and fulfillment in life.

How do intuitive therapy sessions work?

How intuitive therapy works depends on whether you seek therapy as an individual or as a couple.

For individuals

Intuitive therapy sessions offer you a chance to become more aware of your underlying wishes and dreams, so that you can construct a life according to your wants, rather than only following others’ dreams.

In a session with your counselor, you may get intuitive supervision that can help you precisely define your goals in life. Moreover, intuitive therapy can also help you overcome the mental and emotional difficulties associated with achieving your objectives.

Although clarity is important, you need even more than clarity to bring about and maintain healthy life changes, such as having a more positive attitude. Intuitive counseling provides the emotional strength to make you strong enough to overcome the hurdles that may intervene in achieving your life goals.

For couples

Intuitive counseling sessions for couples can be advantageous for all relationships, whether you are married, engaged, or dating. With intuitive therapy, your counselor directs you to improve transparency in your relationship, and helps you to bond with each other more closely.

Essentially, intuitive therapy is useful for couples if you’re looking for ways to boost your relationship by taking some of the complications out of it.

You can also take these types of therapy sessions with your marital partner, business partner, siblings, or any other relative. In this way, you can share your objectives and become more aware of the other participant’s dreams, goals, inner thoughts, and future visions. Intuitive counseling helps to strengthen bonds and explore common interests lying in the subconscious.

Differences between traditional and intuitive counseling

The major differentiating factor between traditional and intuitive counseling is the latter’s focus on the metaphysical. In traditional counseling, a counselor focuses more on the secular issues of your life, rather than the spiritual side of things. On the other hand, the main approach of intuitive counseling is to make you aware of your life’s spiritual aspects.

Secondly, the main tool used in traditional counseling to reach the root cause of a problem is reasoning and logic, on the part of your counseling. On the other hand, intuitive counseling mainly uses intuition rather than reasoning from the conscious mind. Using intuition as a medium, a therapist can unfold the deeper layers of unconscious feelings and emotions, and help you to achieve greater levels of spiritual fulfillment.

Lastly, the use of traditional counseling is more problem-based, while intuitive counseling provides a more complete journey towards self-discovery. You learn about your inner self and, in doing so, become more self-confident and clear about your dreams.

Issues that intuitive therapy helps with

Young woman feeling stressed.

Intuitive therapy can help with a wide variety of problems. These issues may include, but are not limited to:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Spiritual issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Issues related to self-esteem

Benefits of intuitive Therapy

Many people have never considered intuitive counseling as an alternative for managing life’s troubles, or overcoming mental illness. This approach to mental health can be used on its own, or it can be a complementary approach to traditional forms of counseling and mental health treatment.

A deeper understanding of our inner selves

You might not have realized it yet, but you could be a slave to your thoughts and emotions that are hidden away in your subconscious. If you want to help yourself get to the surface of your feelings and better understand yourself, intuitive therapy can be very helpful.

Identify meaning and purpose

Labyrinth spiritual symbol.

You may experience frustration with certain parts of your life, or your life as a whole. This can lead to a variety of emotions, from depression to anger, as well as stress and anxiety.

Intuitive counseling can give you the insight you need to find your true passion and reach accomplishment in life.

Many intuitive counselors incorporate information from different spiritual approaches to direct you on the right course. One method might include understanding visions that have been persistent in your life, if you have had any. Your counselor can assist you in analyzing this information, which may contain indications about what you sense is missing in your life.

Learn a comprehensive approach to improving your wellbeing

Another advantage of intuitive counseling is improving several aspects of your life and how they influence your wellbeing. People are intricate, with physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. And different people respond differently to different forms of counseling. As a result, your counselor may also want you to integrate dietary and relaxation techniques to help with your wellbeing.

When you are struggling with mental health concerns or feel like you need help finding your north star, you might consider getting help from an intuitive counselor. By selecting a treatment process that deals with various aspects of your life, you may be able to overcome symptoms such as depression and achieve a greater sense of purpose in life.


Finding an intuitive therapist or getting an intuitive therapy in everyday settings may not be an easy task to do. If you live somewhere with few therapy or counseling providers, you will have a harder time finding a good therapist.

Intuitive counseling can help you when you’re struggling to make important decisions or are at a crossroads in your life. Intuitive counselors are skilled in helping you to delve into your subconscious, allowing you to become more aware of your needs, wants, and goals in life.

Luckily, the internet can help you locate any therapist you require, and it can facilitate you finding an intuitive counselor. BetterHelp and Talkspace are among the best choices for finding an online therapist who provides intuitive counseling, or uses other holistic therapy techniques.

Additional Resources

Prioritizing our mental well-being is paramount in today’s fast-paced world. The digital age has redefined therapy and psychiatric care, making support more accessible than ever. To guide you towards a healthier state of mind, we’ve partnered with pioneering names in mental health.
Note: We collaborate with top-tier mental health companies and we earn a commission if you purchase services through our ads.

Online Therapy

Discover a path to emotional well-being with BetterHelp – your partner in convenient and affordable online therapy. With a vast network of 30,000+ licensed therapists, they’re committed to helping you find the one to support your needs. Take advantage of their Free Online Assessment, and connect with a therapist who truly understands you. Begin your journey today.

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