4 Simple Ways to Find Meaning in Life

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Are you feeling lost in life? Not sure exactly what your next step is and find yourself in a state of limbo? If you’re lacking direction and staying up to the 3 am asking “Who am I?” then you may feel like you’re missing meaning in life. 

This can be a scary place to find yourself. If you don’t attend to it as soon as possible, it can leave you confused and unsure how to move forward. You may already be at that stage, desperately searching for the right path to go down.

Finding meaning isn’t easy, especially in today’s world, where we have so many options available to us. But it is possible to find yourself in this world. But you need to understand the best steps to take to achieve purpose and direction.

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What Is Meaning in Life?

To be clear, when we say the meaning in life, what we don’t mean is the meaning of life. 

They’re two very different things, and the latter is open to a more in-depth debate. 

For the former, however, it’s very personal to you. That said, there are some basic human needs that you can focus on that will help you on your path. 

From there, it’s up to you how you want to expand on them and make them your own.

We should also point out that the target here isn’t finding meaning. Instead, it’s finding a way to live a life that in turn, will give you meaning. 

In other words, meaning cannot be found or achieved in isolation. It must be a bi-product of other successes.

Let’s look at what areas can give you a more enriched, meaningful life.

1. Connect to Community

In this era, being part of a community is so important. Our world is becoming more and more isolated, as people find themselves lost in their electronic devices. Social media is not a community. It acts like one, but the truth is you’re just on your own having digital interactions.

To be part of a real community, it should be one that centers around genuine, in-person connections. 

A community could be anything from being an active member of your neighborhood to joining the weekly swimming team. As a member of a community, you become a contributor. 

You offer something that helps the community sustain itself and keep moving forward. As you begin to rely on others, they start to rely on you – in other words, you’re important.

2. Constantly Set Yourself Goals

Stagnation is extremely destructive. When life becomes repetitive, we lose focus on who we are, and we get lost in a mundane cycle. Not addressing this is a sure-fire way of losing purpose and direction. So you must be proactive.

Set yourself goals and give yourself something to work towards. By tapping into your ambition, you give yourself a reason to get out of bed every day. The goals you set are entirely up to you. They could range from doing ten press-ups in the morning to starting your own business. Whatever they are, enjoy the process of working towards them.

3. Check-In with Your Ethics and Spread the Word

Most people in this world live by their ethics and values. You must identify yours and make them part of the foundations of your being. 

And although we’re not suggesting you enforce your ethics and values on others, we do encourage sharing them in a respectful, conversational manner.

Let’s say you’re Vegan. That life choice means a lot to you, and ideally, you would like others to follow the same path. Sharing your opinion on the matter should excite you. 

And if through your conversation, someone connects to your values and decides to take the same path, it should give you a sense of achievement. 

Contributing to making the world a better place should give a deep sense of purpose.

4. Invest Time in Your Passion

Your passion is such an essential part of your happiness. It’s one of the few things that speaks for who you are. It’s your way of disconnecting with the expectations of the world, and instead, doing something you love. 

Many people let their passions take a back seat as they let other parts of life take over. Don’t be one of them. And don’t make excuses either. 

There’s plenty of time in this life, so make sure you set some of it aside to dedicate it to a passion that means something to you.

To take it a step further, try to turn your passion into your occupation. If you’re a writer, a photographer, or a musician, look for avenues in which you can make it your primary source of income. 

Yes, it will be competitive. But the people you see living out their dream are not always the ones that are the best; they’re the ones that gave it a go.

Imagine getting out of bed every day knowing you’re going to do something you love. That’s priceless.

Bringing It All Together

This may all seem like a challenge and, well, it is. But it’s an exciting, fun challenge that you should be happy to take on. It’s your happiness at stake here, so putting the work in is totally worth it.

You can either start by taking one of the steps above or all at the same time. But if you’re able to combine them, and allow them to each contribute to your quality of life, then the overall success will be plenty.

This time on earth has the possibility of being an amazing experience. You owe it to yourself to have a deep and meaningful life.

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