How To Find Happiness: 8 Lessons To Live By

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Happiness is both subjective and objective. Meaning as humans, there are certain things that make up happy. Like spending time with people you love or getting a well earned raise at work.

And at the same time, happiness can also be different for each of us.

While a marathoner might derive happiness from winning a medal, you might just derive yours from sitting on the couch and binge watching a Netflix show. The first secret is finding what works for you.

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Here are 8 ways to find happiness in your life:

1. Have A Sense Of Humor

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it is.

We can’t deny that laughter is a cure all. There’s a reason why people love comedians.

There are so many benefits of laughing. From boosting your immune system to relieving stress.

Once you start seeing the funny side to things, you get yourself in a constantly cheery mood. Though you probably shouldn’t go around laughing at everything, it’s a symptom of dementia.

Reign it in. On a lighter note, laugh. A lot.

2. Let Loose

This is where we break into dance while singing along to Footloose.

All work and no play is depressingly boring. Let your inner goof out no matter how awkward it gets.

Set aside all your working tools and get your freak on.

Has being uptight helped you be happy? No.

Achieve your goals, yes, maybe. Not happiness though.

Now that you’re looking for happiness, change personas. Call up that one friend who always has something going. Go out, have fun.

3. Let Go Of Things You Can’t Change

Some people say you should accept things you can’t change.

I say, have you ever tried swallowing a big chunk of dry bread with no drink? Yeah, never a good idea.

So here we are, with a situation that’s probably frustrating you. Accepting it can be a bit tricky. I say you just let it go altogether.

It’s clearly a stubborn situation.

You’ll be much happier moving on to other things. Let go of things like the past. You absolutely can’t change that unless you have a time machine. Then by all means, carry on.

Otherwise it’s better to let things go. The future can stay right where it is. In the future.

You’ll cross those bridges when you get there. For now, continue focusing on your current happiness.

4. Be Flexible

Change is inevitable. It will happen no matter how rigidly you hold on to the norm. It’s hard to constantly deal with change. Now what? Beat it at its own game.

Own change. Be flexible. Make yourself ready for it.

Adjust your methods of how you deal with change. Accept the challenges that come at you with determination.

In the end, your flexibility will make your life easier. You’ll have an opportunity to be happy even when challenges arise. It doesn’t always have to be a fight.

5. Accept Yourself As You Are

Get to know and accept yourself. Quirks and all.

There might be things you don’t like about yourself. Obsessing over them only blocks your chances of being happy. It’s who you are.

Once you begin loving yourself as you are, you attain happiness. You are less likely to do desperate things to seek other people’s approval. You will already be approved by you.

Be able to forgive yourself for your shortcomings. It clears a path for the self-love you owe yourself. Soon enough the happiness will kick in.

6. Enjoy Simple Pleasures

Life can get so hectic, that sometimes we forget to enjoy the simple things. During your day, you can check and see if you’re enjoying yourself.

Take note of all the simple things you like that you’ve been overlooking.

Gulping down coffee without taking time to smell its aroma? Next time you’re at it, take a few seconds to just savor the smell. It takes only a couple of seconds, but makes your mood marginally better.

You don’t even have to go out of your way to find these pleasures.

You can start by appreciating your friends and family. They really don’t have to be there for you, but they are.

Go out and smell the roses. Actually enjoy good food and give compliments to the chef. Appreciate and be grateful for the small stuff, and they’ll build your happiness.

7. Embrace Positivity

Being positive makes you shine. If you truly want to be happy, let go of the negativity. It’s not flattering.

Who would you rather approach: a smiling and enthusiastic salesperson or a scowling grumpy one?

People are more attracted to you when you’re happy. It’s the law of attraction. Positive thinking attracts positive results.

It lowers your stress levels and gives you space to be happy. Your relationship with other people also improves. You get to participate in healthy beneficial relationships. Try to focus on positive people too, they help in maintaining the happy vibe.

8. Be Nice

You can’t look for happiness while going around being mean to people. And you shouldn’t base your happiness on what others think. But that doesn’t mean you should go around making people feel sad.

So, this is more like a gentle reminder. It never hurts to share some happiness.

Lighting up someone’s world by a word of kindness will actually make you happier. Even on the days when you’re in a bad mood.

Try to dredge up even if it’s the smallest amount of kindness. Pass it on.

Ever had a bad day and receive an unexpected kindness? It’s downright heartwarming. So, go out of your way and make another person’s day better.

Happiness isn’t complicated. Well, it shouldn’t be. So, don’t make it.

You are the boss of your own happiness. All the external stuff is secondary.

If you’ve discovered what makes you happy, work on that.

When you choose to be happy, you become happy. Just invest in self-love and the rest will fall into place.

Ever had one of those situations where when you really want something but can’t find it? But once you stop looking and just relax, you realize it was right in front of you.

Take happiness the same way. Don’t sweat it.

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