Best Lesbian Psychotherapist Services | Lesbian Counselors

Lesbian couple walking with a rainbow flag.

Finding a psychotherapist specializing in LGBT or lesbian issues is not always easy. However, searching for a lesbian psychotherapist doesn’t need to be a challenge. In this guide, we’ve reviewed three platforms that provide therapists who can support you on your journey as a member of the LGBT community. Quick comparison table #1 #2 #3 … Read more

Find A Transgender Therapist Near Me | Gender Counseling

Transgender flag painted on person's hand.

If you are not sure if your assigned gender matches how you truly feel, you can reach out to a gender-affirming therapist. These types of therapists can answer your questions and help you on your road to discover your gender identity. In this guide, we’ve reviewed two of the best transgender therapy services, to help … Read more

Best Lesbian Sex Therapist Services | Sexual Counseling

Lesbian couple.

If you identify as a woman who loves other women romantically or sexually, there might be a point in time when you will consider seeing a lesbian sex therapist. Lesbian sex therapists can help you and your partner rekindle the spark in the bedroom, and improve your relationship more broadly. In this article, we’ve looked … Read more

LGBT Affirming Therapist Near Me | LGBT Friendly Counselors

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There is a common perception that all therapists are empathetic towards everyone, and have the training and sensitivity to keep bias out of their practice. But intolerance towards LGBT people can happen in professional counseling – and when it does occur, it can be incredibly damaging to a person’s sense of self-worth. In this guide, … Read more

Online Gender Therapist | Transgender Counseling Near Me

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Dealing with a mismatch between your assigned sex and your gender identity can be extremely stressful. Gender therapy helps you answer questions about your gender identity and/or the transition process, and is usually performed by a therapist who specializes in gender issues. An online gender therapist can give you accessible help for an affordable price, … Read more