16 Calming Things to Put in Your Room (Without Breaking The Bank)

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Sleep is vital to keep your body and mind functioning properly, so it’s important you make it a priority. 

Sleep hygiene refers to actions you take to help you sleep restfully: I like to think of this as setting yourself up for success. A big part of sleep hygiene is making your bedroom a peaceful, calming sanctuary. 

There are lots of ways you can do this, including keeping your bedroom a place for relaxation, sex, and sleep only.

You can also add items to your bedroom to help increase that sense of calm, and they don’t have to be really expensive! Let’s take a look at 16 calming things to put in your room to inspire you. 

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1. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are very calming, whether you’re snuggling up under them to read, while you’re watching a movie, or to help you drift off to sleep. This one is a great option and it’s available in a range of sizes and weights to suit you. 

I love my weighted blanket. My mother in law bought it for me and I find it really helps to ease my anxiety and create that deep sense of calm. 

Psychologist Scott Bea explains that: “weighted blankets are based on the idea of deep pressure stimulation — gentle pressure applied over the entire body (imagine being wrapped in a comforting swaddle or a tight hug).”

2. Sound Machine

Sometimes when we’re falling asleep, external noises can disturb us. Even while we’re asleep, noise can startle us awake or prevent us from reaching deep sleep. This isn’t just annoying, but it also prevents our sleep from being as refreshing as it should be. 

Sound machines can help to mask those noises and help you relax. They can be useful while you’re relaxing, while meditating, or when you’re in bed at night. 

You’ll no doubt have heard of white noise, which is one of the more common sounds used in sound machines. White noise is a frequency of sound that sounds like a hum to us, for example the sound of the static on TV or the sound of a fan.

Sound machines often use white noise as well as other types of noise, including brown and pink noise, which are very similar to white noise but at a lower frequency. 

The National Sleep Foundation explains that sound machines: “offer sounds that drown out unwanted noises, also known as noise pollution, while relaxing or focusing the listener.”

This sound machine is a great option, offering 20 different sounds including white noise. 

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oils to promote better health and a sense of wellbeing.

Many people (myself included) find that essential oils can have a very calming effect. My favorite is lavender, which I use in a roll-on for my pulse points and in a pillow spray to help me sleep at night. 

Essential oil diffusers disperse your chosen essential oil into the air and can help you to relax while you’re in your room. This diffuser is a good choice and it even has different light options to help calm you. 

4. Flameless Candles

The flicker of candlelight can often be really cozy and calming. I love candles in my living room at night, they just make it feel ‘homely’. 

However, candles in the bedroom can sometimes be a safety hazard, especially if you become so relaxed that you fall asleep. Something I’ve found as a helpful alternative is flameless candles. 

They’re electric so there’s no live flame, which makes them safe even if you fall asleep. They still give off that dim, candlelit vibe. This set is affordable and can even be put on a timer. 

5. Cozy Blanket

No matter what the weather, sometimes there’s nothing more calming than snuggling up in a cozy, soft blanket like this one. It somehow gives a sense of reassurance and safety (that’s what I find anyway). 

6. Memory Foam Pillow

It’s so important that you feel comfortable in your bed. If you’re uncomfortable, you’re very unlikely to sleep soundly and can even wake up feeling stiff and sore. 

A memory foam pillow can give you the support and comfort you need to help you sleep through the night. They don’t have to be very expensive to be comfy: this pillow is a good affordable option. 

7. Dimmable Lamp

Light lets our circadian rhythm know when it’s time to sleep. Our circadian rhythm is like our internal body clock: it decides when we’re asleep and when we’re awake. Keeping your bedroom dark helps to regulate your circadian rhythm and improves your sleep quality. 

Bright lights can make you feel awake and interfere with this process. Using a dimmable lamp while you’re in your bedroom can help you to feel more relaxed and ready for sleep. Here’s a good touch control dimmable bedside lamp

8. Black Out Curtains

As we mentioned, artificial light can interfere with your circadian rhythm, so as well as controlling the lighting in your bedroom, you can control the light coming in from the outside. Blackout curtains like these can help you keep your bedroom dark and calm. 

They can also help to keep the heat in, keeping you nice and warm in cold weather. They may even help to dull sound from outside to make your bedroom more peaceful. Here’s our guide to the best blackout curtains

9. Microwavable Teddy

You’re never too old for a teddy (in my opinion anyway). Microwavable teddies are typically filled with wheat grains or something similar. You simply pop them in the microwave and they provide heat which can be very calming.

They’re weighted and many of them also have a soothing smell such as lavender. I love mine and find it helps ease my anxiety. They can also be useful for easing aches and pains.

This sloth is a cute option, or if teddies just aren’t for you, you can also find microwavable heat pads or pillows which do the same thing. 

10. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights like these ones can make your room look cozy and provide that extra bit of decoration to make it more personal. They also give off a nice light that can be soothing. You can find them in a white light color or can even get multi-colored ones to suit your taste. 

11. Picture Holder

A big part of making your room calming is making it personal to you, and what’s more personal than photographs of your loved ones or happy memories in your life? 

There are lots of ways to display pictures in your room, for example, this picture collage decoration. Having photos that mean a lot to you can boost your mood and remind you of good times, as well as make you feel that your loved ones are with you which is reassuring. 

12. Music Speaker 

Sleep expert Michael Breus, Ph.D explains that calming music with a slow beat, such as classical music, can help to relax you and can even help you fall asleep. 

A music speaker is a simple, affordable way to play calming music in your room. This one is even portable so you can take it with you anywhere. You can also use headphones, but make sure you don’t play your music too loud or fall asleep with them in, as this can be bad for your ears. 

13. Houseplants

Research suggests that taking care of houseplants can have a wide range of benefits, including improving your mood, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving your sleep quality. 

There are lots of different types of plants so make sure to do some research and choose one that you will be able to look after well. I like this money tree because it’s pretty and fairly easy to look after. 

14. Beanbag

It’s really nice to have somewhere to sit and relax in your room aside from your bed. However, a comfy chair can be expensive so a beanbag can be a great option. 

You can read, listen to calming music, meditate, or just unwind in a cozy corner in your room. I like the choice of colors with this beanbag, so you can find something that suits your decor. 

15. Fan 

If you’re too hot or too cold, it can interfere with your sleep. Research shows that the ideal temperature for your bedroom is 65 degrees Fahrenheit. A fan like this little one can help you stay cool enough to sleep peacefully. 

16. Salt Lamp

Whether you believe a salt lamp has health benefits, or you just find the gentle low calming, they can be a great addition to your room. I absolutely love my salt lamp: I find it so relaxing while I’m reading in bed and I find the glow soothes me to sleep. They come in a range of shapes and sizes, but this one is a nice affordable option. 

A Sanctuary of Calm 

Your room should be a sanctuary of calm and tranquillity, a place where you can go to unwind and relax from daily stress. Even just adding a couple of calming touches can have a big impact, so why not give some of these a try? 

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