Code Therapy ( is a short documentary about how technology is changing the way mental health services are delivered.

Mentall illness, such as depression, is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide.   1 in 4 adults in the United States experiences some type of mental illness every year, yet over 100 million people across the nation lack access to sufficient mental health services.  In countries with less developed healthcare systems, the situation is even more troubling.

Code Therapy is a documentary short about the application of digital technology in the field of mental health.  Behavioral intervention technologies, such as online programs and apps that teach evidence-based therapy skills have the potential to make mental health support more accessible and affordable.  Websites and social media platforms provide another way to disseminate mental health information, prticular to an increasingly connected generation of meillenials around the globe.

Speaking on lthe barriers to receiving treatment and the benefits and limitations of emerging technologies in this space entrepreneurs, researchers and mentl helat providers including:

Alejandro Foung, Co-Founder of Lantern, Rob Morris, Co-Founder of Koko, Steve Schueller, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Faulty Member at the Center for Behavioral Intervention Technology, and Jen Hyatt, CEo of Big White Wall. 

The film is narrated by Carl O'Reilly, a London-based architect, mental health advocate and suthor of the new book Defeating Depression.

Code Therapy was filmed in the Us and UK in 2016 and has been since screened at festivals in England, Ireland, India, and the U.S.  It was awarded Best Documentar at the 2016 Dublin International Short Film and Music Festival and has received commendation and nominations at other festivals areound the globe.

This film is avialbale to watch for free online at VIMEO and YouTube.