What causes Organic Mental Disorders?

Organic mental disorders aer disturbances that may be caused by injury or disease affecting brain tissues as well as by chemical or hormonal abnormalities.  Exposure toxic materials, neurological impairment, or abnormal changes that are associated with aging can also cause these disorders.  Alcohol or metabolic disorders, such as liver, kidney or thyroid disease or vitamin deficiencies, many be factors.

Concussions, blood clots, or bleeding in or around the brain from trauma may leas to organic brain syndrome.  Low oxygen in the blood, high amounts of carbon dioxide in the body, strokes, brain infections, and heart infections can lead to an organic mental disorder as well.

Symptoms of Organic Mental Disorders:

The symptoms of organic mental disorder may include confusion, agitation, irritability, change in behavior, and impaired function, cognitive ability, or memory.

Overall, the severity of the symptoms and the type of symptoms a person has varies on the cause of their disorder.

Diagnosing and Treating Organic Mental Disorders:

Blood tests, spinal taps, or an electroencephalogram may be administered to dignose organic brain syndrome or an organic mental disorder.  It is possible a CT scan or MRi, can also be useful.

Treatments for organic mental disorders vary on the underlying cause.  Medication may be prescribed or rehabilitation therapy may help.