People experiencing road rage may be facing health risks that come from high levels of stress, tension and anger.  These episodes of acute stress may become chronic stress, which leads to many negative health issues.

By being a courteous and defensive driver, you can cut down on the level of frustration you might cause others.  

How to Manage Road Rage:

  • Breathe:  Breathing exercixes can help you cleanse your body of stale energy, get you b lood more oxygenated and, of course, releasing tension.
  • LIsten:  Listen to music or audio books.  Music can subtly color your experiences.  Audio books can supply you with a mild distraction.
  • Relax:  Practice Deep Muscle Relaxation or Progressive Muscle Relaxation.  When you are frustrated, you store the tension in your body.  
  • Pull off the road: Getting away from the situation may be enough to avoid a potential bad situation.

These small tips may help prevent an act out of stress that can change you or your families lives forever.