The problem is that access to schools almost anywhere in the world is, relatively easy.  Schools are supposed to be places where parents entrust officials to oversee the development and education of their childred, not pen them in.  Most instances of school shootings have been committed by young white males and are considerd copycat instances.  Bullying has been targeted as the main reason for many of these acts of violence. Turning our schools into armed forteresses would be counterproductive, unrealistic and, for the vast majority of our children, entirely unnecessary.

The federal government's response to concerns about school security has been dismal to say the least.  Fewer than 2% of the nation's school districts having received emergency-response grants from the U.S. Depatrment of Education.

Here are some common sense steps that many schools on their own are enforcing:

  • Points of entry to schools should be limited and controlled, staffed by an adult trained to determine if potential visitors belong there or not.
  • Wireless panic alarms could easily and inexpensively be made available in every school.
  • Well designed disaster prepardness plans that are familiar to staff and students and have been practiced on a regular basis.
  • Teachers and students need to become "situationally aware" of their surroundings and behavior.
  • Parents need to be involved/review/limit their child's social media presence.
  • Monitor out of school activites and behavior.
  • Student's need to be encouraged in reporting other's behavior.

It is impossible to prevent an act of violence, but as citizens we can be alert and ready to report any instance to authorities that may seem out of the ordinary or a potential threat or danger to anyone.