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Evelyn Shaw
Evelyn Shaw, LMSW
New York, New York

Irvine Counseling and Hypnosis
Murray S. Kaufman, MA LMFT, NBCFCH
Irvine, California

Jan M Click, LCSW
Jan M. Click, LCSW
Valencia, California

Joan Warren Therapy
Joan Warren
New York, New York

James Hutt, Ph.D., MFT, Inc.
Jim Hutt, Ph.D.
Menlo Park, California

In the hands of a skilled therapist, therapy can be a powerful and life-changing experience. It has been shown to be effective for a variety of conditions and problems. If you need therapy and work as an active participant in your own treatment, you can expect it will be well worth the time and money you invest.

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New Listings

Crafton Brief Therapy: Discovering Solutions
Weston Crafton, MMFT
Spring Hill, Tennessee

Tampa Center for Acu. & Integrative Medicine
Aniesa Schneberger, MA, LMHC
Tampa, Florida

Mindful Therapy Center
Robyn Alter, MS, LPC
Marlton, New Jersey

art and soul counseling
Sabrina H. Bajakian, LCPC
Bozeman, Montana

Alexandra Dziedzic, MS, LCAT, ATR-BC
Alexandra Dziedzic
Midtown Manhattan East,