Sandra Greenberg, Ph.D., LCSW

14 Elliott Avenue Ste #5
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
P: 610-525-4988
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Sandra Greenberg, Ph.D., LCSW
Sandra Greenberg

Part of being in relationship with others includes the inevitable challenges we all face at one time or another. When challenges or problems go unresolved and warm feelings turn cool, counseling offers opportunities for new understandings, support and solutions to, seemingly, inmpossible problems.

Couples and individuals who come to my practice, most often, are seeking relief from some aspect of their lives that is difficult or painful. Relational ruts and ruptures serve as walls to closeness, trust, teamwork. physical intimacy, and happiness. 

New solutions emerge when space and time is given for new understandings to emerge. Expanding self-awareness, communication and relational skills are some of the tools that support the healing process. I see, as my clients put their new skills into practice, a more fresh and vital relating that is experienced as more mutally satisfying, authentic and loving.

Marriage tends to be, particularly, susceptible to disruption during major life changes or milestones. A new baby, divorce, illness, major loss, 'empty nest,' even a child's wedding can trigger the stark awareness that life as we know it, has changed. Often, unsettled and disquieting feelings or a sense of urgency arises accompanied by the need to re-evaluate what is most important now. 

Rather than feelings to be avoided, anger, loneliness, uncertainty, or anxiety actually signal a new frontier and area for discovery, with its potential for transformation. Unheeded, such feelings may remain in the dark, interfering with making good choices and achieving a sense of well-being.

For over 20 years I've worked with individuals and couples to help clients heal old emotional wounds,  discover the well of possibility within themselves, and to cultivate lively, healthy and more vital relationships. Couples want to re-ignite the flame and reconnect with each other after the kids are gone. Others want to explore what they want for their future with a desire and determination to choose, mindfully, the path for creating an even more satisfying joyful, life.

I believe in the process of therapeutic dialogue with my clients in service of increasing self-awareness, emotional healing, deeper understandings, intimacy and in promoting greater vitality. My theoretical framework is based on gestalt therapy theory and a developmental model of growth and change. My clinical approach includes a focus in the here and now within a collaborative working relationship, and with a profound respect for each person's experience.

Recent research in the field of neuroscience tells us that the brain is capable of growing and learning as time goes by. Thanks to technology such as the MRIf the demonstrates it is an organ that is 'plastic,' that is capable of new learning and growth long into and through adulthood.

I am particulary interested in the beneficial effects of mindfulness on one's experience of daily living, stress and anxiety, as well as physical health. My personal, as well as professional experience with meditation, 'mindfulness' and contemplative psychology also informs my work. 

Persons who choose my services tend to be individuals motivated to make positive change in their lives. In the course of therapy, clients have told me 'I like who I'm becoming;'  I am feeling more loving toward my partner;'  'we couldn't have made it through this without all the skills we've learned,' 

Over these 20+ years of practice it has been a privilege to be allowed into the lives of so many people who want to live more courageously, with vitality, joy, and fulfillment. As when you hire any professional it’s important that you feel respected, heard and understood. Take that first step and call me at 610.525.4988.






















Other Credentials
Gestalt Therapy; Hypnotherapy.


  • Ph.D.@Widener University
  • MSS@Bryn Mawr College School
  • BA@Rosemont College

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State of PA

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Relationships: Individuals and Couples Marriage Counseling Sex Therapy Anxiety and Depression Grief and Loss Personal Growth Mindfulness

Therapy Groups
Taming Anxiety at Midlife is a four week (1/3/4 hour) workshop offering on Saturday mornings beginning April 18, 2015 Call Sandra at 610.525.4988 for information and to register. Anxiety is a normal part of the human experience. While anxiety may be a common experience when it becomes to intense or chronic, it can interfere with our sense of well-being and happiness. it may be time to do something about it. The middle years of our lives can be a particularly anxious-making, as this time of life involve large-scale changes within family, relationships, career and health . Taming Anxiety in Midlife is a group for men and women who want to learn a reliable approach for managing anxiety. This method include mindfulness and self-soothing skills - powerful antidotes to the groundlessness many anxiety sufferers often feel. For information or to register, call 610.525.4988 or email her at

Gestalt Therapy, Relational Therapy, Psychodynamic, Mindfulness; EFT; Personal Coaching

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Anger Management
Life Coaching
Divorce Counseling
Life Transitions
Relationship/Marriage Counseling
Sex Therapy
Step/Blended Families
Womens Issues



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Cognitive/Behavioral (CBT)
Experiential Therapy

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Over 65

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