Nicole C. Dockter, LCSW

1767 Grand Ave #4
San Diego, CA 92109
P: 619-318-5012
O: 619-345-0175
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Nicole C. Dockter, LCSW
Nicole C. Dockter, LCSW

Are you frustrated with the direction of your life, feeling lonely, anxious or depressed? Do you sense that there is something that you aren't doing right but don't know what? I'd like to help. The sense that you are living someone else's life is painful. I am here to assist you in breaking out of feeling stuck. Whether you are having problems with self-confidence or self-esteem, getting tearful, sad and angry and not knowing why, or feeling like you are living someone else's life, its possible to make the changes you want.

If what you are doing isn't getting you what you want, if you are repeating the same old patterns, but not moving forward in relationships or on the job, if you are feeling like a fake or a schmuck, you might be having trouble being fully or authentically yourself.

Whether you currently have a partner or are seeking one, new relationship skills can make a world of difference in changing those depressed or anxious feelings. See my website for more information. Call me to start becoming more of your true and natural self. 619 318-5012"



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