Laurel A. Sill, Psy.D., PLLC

31313 Northwestern Highway
Suite #120
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
P: (248)-788-4230
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Laurel A. Sill, Psy.D., PLLC
Laurel A. Sills, Psy.D

BUILDING FITNESS FOR YOUR SOUL USING SHORT-TERM THERAPY AND EMDR FOR INDIVIDUALS AND COUPLES OF ALL COLOR, RELIGION, SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND ETHNICITY. It is beautiful to see people grow and become happier as they understand how to start following their own inner wisdom to live within their own values, integrity to themself and to others and feel happy from the inside out. This is my passion and my business. As a fully Licensed Clinical Psychologist and as a Life Coach, I take deep pride and joy working in partnership with you to Build A Stronger You!TM I integrate numerous philosophical beliefs and techniques to help people follow a path that they know is true in their gut. Healing the past, learning to separate out the reactions of today using logical and contextual cues, build loving, accepting and forgiving relationships, and relate to others out of love and healthy boundaries rather than reaction and need. Wherever you are along the way, I will meet you where you are, carry you until you can fly on your own and teach you to soar using your own inner wisdom. Even if you don't realize it yet, you are strong and perfect as when you were born. Events, traumas, misunderstandings along the way of life are easily mistaken as truths that we incorporate about ourselves which then color how we view the world. It is our perceptions that create health and happiness or angst and depression. Reality is now and we create it. The past is the past....and only by not resolving it, understanding it and forgiving it, will we continue to hold onto wounds and keep them alive and perpetuate pain and fight, overreact and repeat self-destructive patterns without understanding why or even being aware how we are using the past to react to today. As you begin to heal, you will catch on and become Self-Aware.

Spirit is the inner self that feels joy, that is wise, and that guides us towards peace and happiness. Fear paralyzes and often is there to attempt to 'protect' us from harm; mostly not truly serving us and, instead, creating edges, resentments, defensivness, reactivity, aggression, and other negative reactions.

Whether your beliefs have you stuck with low self-esteem, acting out with addictions, feeling depressed, suffering panic attacks, feeling ashamed to be who you are, staying in unhealthy relationships, living dishonestly, struggling to feel like the strong adult you are, I can help you stop sabatoging your life and move forward to live your life with more joy. I respect both myself and you and will help you feel accepted regardless of your problem. My training is extensive in many areas from medical settings, to alcohol intensive outpatient rehabilitation programs. I treat people coping with loss and death or illness to sexual dysfunction. My clients overcome panic without medication and typically are more in control of panic after just one visit.

I work with many COUPLES and teach them to understand each other's reactions and take down their guard to love on a higher level. Don't wait too long to come in as resentments grow fast and hard. WOMEN'S ISSUES are of special interest. I have a 4-session program to help women feel strong on their own whether widowed, divorced, never married or just feeling alone. I also help GAY AND LESBIAN MEN AND WOMEN gain self-acceptance and self-love as homosexuality is not a choice, but a fact of birth, despite what many believe. 15% of the population is considered to have some degree of same-sex orientation. 15% of our country is alcoholic, too.

As a FULLY LICENSED PSYCHOLOGIST, you have a professional who has earned the highest educational degree--the Doctorate plus years of supervised experience and the passage of the MI State Licensing Exam. The Doctor of Psychology Degree is highly clinical and practice-focused.The philosophy is to help you be your best as quickly as possible using talking therapy and referrals for medication when absolutely needed. You may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance company when you see a Licensed Psychologist since we are the only level of psychology degree that is recognized to receive third party reimbursement as an independent provider not working within a clinic setting. The 'MA, LLP' is a 'Master's Degree, Limited Licensed Psychologist' and is defined as a 'therapist,' not 'Psychologist' by state law. Be sure when you are comparing fees, services, and matching your needs with what professional can help you, that you also include your comfort level with our personalities and match your needs for treatment with the depth and quality of our training,style of therapy, schooling, and years in the field. The differences are not apples to apples!!! My approach is short-term, spiritual, interactive and ecclectic, NOT long-term intensive psychoanalytical. I include humor, writing, self-disclosure that is relevant to my client's experiences as we are all human, and begin to help you recognize your sensations and label your feelings and get to underlying dynamics starting with the first visit.



Other Credentials
Doctor of Psychology Degree in l987 from Wright State University and fully licensed Clinical Psychologist in Michigan providing excellent services for over 20 years.

Michigan Psychological Association,Michigan Women Psychologists

  • Bachelors of Arts with High Honors@Michigan State University
  • Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology)with High Honors@Wright State University School of Professiona

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Alternative Lifestyles
Anger Management
Life Coaching
Crisis Counseling
Divorce Counseling
Eating Disorders
Issues Of Abuse
Life Transitions
Pain Management
Personality Disorders
Relationship/Marriage Counseling
Sexual Abuse
Spiritual Issues
Terminally Ill
Womens Issues

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All Sessions are by Appointment only.

Cancellations and rescheduled appointments must be done by phone with 24 hour notice to avoid being charged or the time reserved unless there is a medical emergency.

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Monday 8:00 am
Thursday 8:00 am
Friday 8:00 am

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