Dr. Lael Telfeyan

140 West 97th Street
New York, NY 11025
P: 917-975-3109
F: 516-466-2520
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Dr. Lael Telfeyan
N. Lael Telfeyan

Dr. Lael Telfeyan is a respected and accomplished psychotherapist specializing in work with adults, adolescents and children in individual, family and couples therapy. She is a warm and supportive professional with a down-to-earth, engaging and dynamic approach.

The process of building trust begins during the initial meeting. Dr. Telfeyan will work with you to identify problem areas and formulate clear plans for improving your situation, whether your concerns are emotional, behavioral, professional, or related to family or social relationships.

Dr. Telfeyan can help you:

  • reduce anxiety
  • make decisions
  • develop coping skills
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • develop communication skills to enhance relationships
  • improve your outlook by focusing on strengths and support systems
  • improve self-care

Dr. Telfeyan sees each person as an individual with their own unique life experiences and circumstances. She focuses on the strengths of each client in order to help them better cope with difficulties while setting short- and long-term goals to manage problems and find solutions.

Dr. Telfeyan employs narrative therapy to help people tell their stories in a healing and meaningful way. Self-expression is an important aspect of treatment: Describing your feelings, thoughts, values and attitudes in your own voice often alleviates depression and anxiety.

Dr. Telfeyan also uses cognitive behavioral techniques to help clients manage their reactions to stressful situations, relationships or thoughts by re-evaluating expectations and strategies.



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