James P Bresnahan P.C.

50 Elm Street
Worcester, MA 01609
P: 508-752-1170
F: 508-752-1800
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James P Bresnahan P.C.
Jim Bresnahan, M.Ed., LMHC, LADC1, CADAC, LMFT

Do you wonder what has happened to you, your relationships and family, your direction? Is someone you love addicted to drugs, alcohol, the Internet, sex? Do you feel stuck not being able to forget painful events in your life even though people tell you to just get over them? Have you or someone you love made choices about your lifestyle or sexual orientation and are now re-thinking them but feel judged by everyone you try to to talk to about them? If you can answer yes to any of these questions please call me to end the pain in your life and begin again.

Most people believe that his, her or their challenges are so complex or have been around for so long that nothing can change and no one can help. We often forget that change is possible because challenges come up in our life so quickly. Many times the challenges we struggle with are manifestations of deeper issues that are so covered over that at one level we forget those deeper issues. I believe that in a safe, non-judgemental, supportive place any change is possible. I believe that I offer that kind of place and have seen umimaginable changes take place. I work to help clients identify those original issues and resolve them to begin the healing process.

While I do have state and national  licences, certifications and experience working with a wide range of clients; I do have some specialties. My specialites include families, especially working with adolescents, who have been identifed as out of control in the family. I work with traumatized clients; I am a Certifled EMDR Therapist and have studied under Bessel van der Kolk, MD (one of the people who developed the term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). My trauma work involves working with victims of sexual assault, military related trauma and the traumas that affect people living in the type world we are in. Part of this trauma work has taken me to Northern Ireland as well as working with companies as a Critical Incident De-Briefer. I work with a wide range of drug and alcohol addictions; specializing in opiate addictions. I have also earned the Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist Certification (CSAT) studying under Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. (Patrick has been identified as the world's leading expert on Sexual Addictions). I also do Substance Abuse Evaluations and Assessments and offer Toxicology Screens.

Most recently I have added the Massachusetts Problem Gambling Specialist (MA PGS) to my list of credentials. I was working with clients who were struggling with Gambling related issues and felt the need to develop a deeper understanding on the topic.

What ages do I work with? My youngest client is three years old and my "oldest" is near retirement. I have worked with individual clients, couples and have had my office filled with family members trying to help and support each other during challenging times. I beleve that getting to the heart of the matter is a crucial step to opening up the conversation that leads to the beginning again process; the new start we are all looking for at times. Give me a call so that we can start the healing process now.



Number of Staff


Therapy Groups
Substance Abuse groups, Trauma survivors group

Conditions / Issues

Crisis Counseling
Issues Of Abuse
Life Transitions
Mens Issues
Sexual Abuse
Twelve Step


Court Ordered Evaluations
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Fitness for Duty Evaluations
Forensic Evaluations
Psycho-Educational Evaluations

Populations Served

Adolescent (11-19)
Children (under 11)

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