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Timothy J. Ryan, D.Div., PSc.D.

My name is Dr. Timothy Ryan.  I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity.  I specialize in Holistic Mind, Body and Spirit Counseling, Marriage Family Therapy and Health and Wellness Counseling.  

I have thirty years experience and training in Psychotherapy, Marriage Family Counseling, Holistic Energy Psychology and Health and Wellness Counseling.  

I am a Relationship Expert, Holistic Healer and  Practitioner with numerous Board Certifying Institutions including the American Psychotherapy Association, The American Association For Integrative Medicine, The American Counseling Association, The Pastoral Medical Association  and many others. see web



Other Credentials
American Psychotherapy Association, American Association for Integrative Medicine, American Board of NLP. and Hypnosis, American Board of Alternative Medicine Many others see

Outstanding Family Therapist Award Newport Beach, Clyde Stanford Award for Outstating Innovations in Education

Too Many to mention see

  • Ph.D. Clinical Psych.( International College)
  • Doctorate in Divinity D.Div (American Institute of Holistic Theology)
  • Masters Counseling Psychology (CSULB)

Licensed by
Pastoral Medical Association

Licensed type
Licensed Pastoral Therapist Ordained Minister, Certified Health and Wellness and Family Counselor

Accredited by
American Psychotherapy Association, American Association of Integrative Medicine, American Alternative Medical Association, American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The American Board of Hypnotherapy

Years Practicing

Number of Staff

Languages Spoken:
English and NVC



Price range
Approximate $80 - $180

Payment Options

Private Payment
Sliding Scale Payment
Payment Assistance
Cash Discount
Credit Cards Accepted
Student Discount
Senior Discount
Price Range: Approximate $80 - $180


If you struggle with Relationship conflict, Loss and Grief, Loneliness Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, Panic, PTSD, Carry Over Negative Limiting Beliefs /Patterns from Childhood Wounds, Career Issues Success, Stress, Addiction, Health Issues, Physical Pain, Chronic Illness, Injuries that don't heal and / or Spiritual Issues including desire for higher states of consciousness and you are ready to enjoy life on the next level call me. I teach concrete skills you can use right away to upgrade your entire physical, emotional, mental and relationship well-being. Enrich your mind/body/spirit connection to create the future you deserve not the one you fear or dread. Now is to time to have your the relationship life of your dreams (not nightmares). I can show you how to have a more meaningful relationship and greater congruence and harmony within your mind, body and spirit connection.

Therapy Groups
Emotionally Focused Therapy, Imago Therapy Shadow Work and Nonviolent Compassionate Listening focusing on Advance Communication with a Spiritual Discipline addressing the ability to be present with Feelings, Needs Requests, and META Energy Healing with Energy Psychology is a holistic, integrative approach to mind, body, spirit healing. It combines EFT, (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other energy healing modalities with compassionate contemplation and introduction and reinforcement of Spiritual Values ie. Love, Creativity, Confidence, Compassion etc. Spirit Energy EFT like traditional EFT clears energy blocks but also enhances and upgrades the energy system creating enhanced states of consciousness. EFT is a simple easy to learn skill that employs using your fingers in a tapping, massaging, or holding a sequence of acupressure points to release physical, mental, emotional limiting or blocked energy systems.

Holistic, Mind, Body, Spirit, Existential Metapsychiatry, Emotionally Focused Therapy and META Healing with META Medicine and Energy Psychology

Conditions / Issues

Alternative Lifestyles
Anger Management
Life Coaching
Crisis Counseling
Divorce Counseling
Issues Of Abuse
Life Transitions
Mens Issues
Pain Management
Religious Issues
Relationship/Marriage Counseling
Sex Therapy
Sexual Abuse
Spiritual Issues
Step/Blended Families
Terminally Ill
Twelve Step
Womens Issues


Critical Incident Stress Debriefing

Treatment Modalities

Cognitive/Behavioral (CBT)
Experiential Therapy
Holistic Treatment
Non 12 Step
Non Pharmaceutical

Populations Served

Adolescent (11-19)
Children (under 11)
Over 65

Welcome To Your New Life

Hello and welcome to my site. If you are one the millions seeking a more natural approach to good physical, mental and spiritual health you have come to the right place. I offer state-of-the-art mind, body spirit healing and relationship wellness principles. You can see me in person or by phone or internet counseling. My name is Dr. Timothy Ryan. I have a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Divinity. I specialize in Marriage Family Therapy and Holistic Mind, Body, and Spirit Health and Wellness Counseling I have thirty years experience and training in Psychotherapy, Marriage Family Counseling, Holistic Energy Psychology and Health and Wellness Counseling. I am also a Board Certified Professional Counselor, Relationship Expert, Holistic Healer and Practitioner with Many Board Certifying Institutions including the American Psychotherapy Association, The American Association For Integrative Medicine, and many others. (see Education and Training at bottom). People come to see me out for marriage therapy for many different reasons. Some seek individual or couples counseling to learn how to better understand each other and resolve conflict, improve intimacy and become co-healers for each other and to enrich their relationships. Some also seek marital therapy due to a pending divorce or a crisis within their relationship concerning addictions or an infidelity. What ever the reason the time to get help is now before negative communication patterns and poor habits push you too far apart. See Articles in Blog. Many other individuals and couples seek relationship counseling because of overwhelming stress compounding recurring conflict and/or simply losing touch with each other and feeling disconnected. Some individuals have given up and want to see if marital therapy can save their relationship. Many other individuals seek Holistic Mind, Body Spirit Counseling and Psychotherapy because they have a chronic illness or symptoms that don’t go away and seek Health and Wellness Counseling or Alternative Healing Approaches to become proactive by learning the meaning of their health challenges and what they can do about it. Psychological studies show that your mind and your body are strongly linked and that physical healing depends greatly on one understanding of him/herself. The American Psychological Association Help Center: reports

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