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Catfish ↓

A Catfish scam occurs when someone assumes a persona (or many) in order to trick another person into believing that they are really that person online. People fall for this scam due to loneliness, sensation seekers, extroverted, revenge and greed.

Amnesia ↓

A failure of memory caused by physical injury, disease, drug use, or psychological trauma.

Conditioning ↓

The ways in which events, stimuli, and behavior become associated with one another.

Delusions ↓

False or irrational beliefs maintained despite clear evidence to the contrary.

Dream Analysis ↓

The psychoanalytic interpretation of dreams used to gain insight into a person's unconsciuos motives or conflicts.

Emotion ↓

A complex pattern of changes, including physiological arousal, feeling, cognitive processes, and behavioral reactions, made in response to a situation perceived to be personally significant.

Personality Types ↓

Distinct patterns of personality, characteristics used to assign people to categories: qualitative differences, rather than differences in degree, used to discriminate among people.

Prejudice ↓

A learned attitude toward a target object, involving negative affect (dislike or fear), negative beliefs (stereotypes) that justify the attitude, and a behavioral intention to avoid, control, dominate, ore eliminate the target object.