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Parenting can be the most stressful—and rewarding—job of your life. We can all think of ways we'd do things differently from our parents, and no doubt your kids will find ways they'll parent differently from you. How much does parenting really matter? Which factors influence your kids more than others? And how can you best cooperate with others—teachers, spouses, family—for the well-being of your children? Read on. This ain't your parents' Psych 101.

Intervention ↓

An intervention is the action taken by family, friends, employer and/or concerned others to actively assist someone to change unacceptable behavior. The problem areas that an intervention typically addresses are addiction to alcohol and/or other drugs, nicotine, food, the Internet, sex, spending/shopping, and gambling; the need for nursing home or medical care; domestic violence issues; and chronic pain with addiction.