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Layne Stoops, LPC, M.Ed., NCC
N 1212 Washington Ave, One Rock Pointe Suite 104
One Rock Pointe Suite 104
Spokane, WA, 99201
P: 509-953-9961
F: 509-232-0883
O: 509-850-0977
Does your relationship seem like a dead end? Do you sometimes feel like you just don't understand each other? Do you doubt your relationship more than you use to? Do you ever think, "Is this all there is"? You're not along; I'd like to help! You and I both know that ove...
Ms. Melissa A. VanBeck, LMHC
140 S. Arthur St.
Spokane, WA, 99202
P: 509-459-0879
I have been a counselor over 25 years, and am a little more wise than I was in the beginning. I know that searching for a counselor is a little like shopping for a car. Will the car take you where you need to go? Will you be comfortable with it? Counselors aren't cars, but you do want to know if they can relate to y...