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SoulScape Counseling Services
9575 Katy Freeway
Suite 294
Houston, TX, 77024
P: 713.447.6674
F: 281.759.5458
O: 713.464.8104
It takes soul to be whole. It's so easy to become disconnected from who we really are when we're caught up in the demands of daily living. Through attention to moods, relationships, and behavior, you can identify underlying beliefs that are motivating you. It then becomes possible to make life choices from an informed perspective, using self-knowledge and intentional goals. Life is meant to be fulfilling!
Lind Butler, LPC
3131 Eastside, Suite 435
Houston, TX, 77098
P: 713-338-9247
F: 713-520-8083
Are you looking for better ways to relate to yourself and your place in the world?