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New York


Dr. Scott Bienenfeld
107 North 3rd Street
Brooklyn, NY, 10024
P: 917-446-6829
O: 718-569-5126
Rebound Brooklyn is owned and operated by Dr. Scott Bienenfeld, a licensed addiction psychiatrist who believes that sustained recovery is an on-going, multi-dimensional process. The Rebound method developed by Dr. Bienenfeld, offers a tailored approach to recovery, designed to meet the unique needs of the individual, and their family.

East Northport

Marlene N. Kasman, Ph.D
163 Townline Road
East Northport, NY, 11731
P: 631-368-5566
F: 631-368-1934
We live in very stressful times. We often feel alone and disconnected. Many of us work too hard, feel overly burdened, and have forgotten, or maybe never learned, how to enjoy our lives. Good relationships with friends or a partner can be particularly helpful in weathering these stresses. They can revitalize and support us. Improving your communication can enhance your work experiences and make personal relationships more rewarding.

Hopewell Junction

Randy W. Green, Ph.D
7 Valdemar Drive
Hopewell Junction, NY, 12533
P: 845-226-2356
Unique, positive outcomes based on shifting focus to possibilities from problems. Learn to have... the experience of YOUR life!


Dr. Patricia Pitta, Ph.D
35 Bonnie Heights Road
Manhasset, NY, 11030
P: 516-627-3056
"My goal is to help you find the strength to review life's troubling issues and form new perceptions. My approach is called "Integrative Family Therapy" which focuses on two aspects: how you function as an individual and how you relate to others helping you to heal."

New York

Dr. Joseph Cilona, PsyD
236 W 27th St, Suite 8RW-B
New York, NY, 10001
P: 212-231-8262
Dr. Cilona is a licensed clinical psychologist, personal coach, author, and psychology expert for media and television.
Dr. Marc A. Tallent, Ph.D
51 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY, 10003
P: 212-645-5795
Are you seeking better relationships, greater career success, or relief from emotional distress? I will work with you empathically and supportively to overcome the obstacles to living the life you want. My office is a safe, nonjudgmental environment where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself openly.
Arthur Heiserman
20 West 86th St.
Suite 1B
New York, NY, 10024
P: 212-362-5071
O: docaheiserman@msn.com
Individual psychotherapy involves entering into a confidential, open and honest dialogue in which you can take a close look at your life, your past, your current circumstances and your decisions. In the process you can find out more about who you really are, and bring into focus how you can more freely imagine, explore, and then pursue your particular interests and dreams. I pay careful attention to, and collaboratively explore, the subtleties and intricacies of personal and interpersonal experiences as they unfold in the moment. In a creative and sometimes playful manner, we will begin to imagine and explore new ways of seeing yourself, open up new ways of relating to others, and in the process overcome negative expectations. The goal is to liberate you from unsatisfying or painful patterns in your personal or work life and move you towards becoming who you would most like to become.
John Gartner, Ph.D.
185 Madison Ave (34th st)
15th Fl, office #5
New York, NY, 10016
P: 410-337-8207
I specialize in Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Bipolar Disorder and Depression.
Bennett Pologe, Ph.D.
330 West 58th Street, Suite 601
New York, NY, 10019
P: 212-774-9499
Psychotherapy is rational and accessible. It is not some esoteric, undefinable, mystical process that only some people can grasp, a faith that only converts believe in and others do not. It is a logical process which anyone can understand and follow. There is no reason for anything in a session to be unreasonable or mysterious. On the contrary, in good psychotherapy every step should make complete sense to you, the patient; you may end up in strange territory, but it should be entirely clear to you how you got there.
Dr. Daniel G. Ratner, Psy.D, MA
50 Lexington Ave., Level C
Professional Suites
New York, NY, 10010
P: 347-669-5006
SPECIALIZING IN WORK WITH YOUNG ADULTS, AND IN THE ALLEVIATION OF PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS DERIVING FROM PSYCHOLOGICAL CAUSES Throughout my clinical work, I have found that building a strong connection with my clients -- based on trust, genuine and honest communication, empathy, and warmth -- has been the key ingredient...