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Daniel Raffaele Inc.
Mr. Daniel G. Raffaele, LCSW, MS

Living on Long Island (metropolitan) New York means we are all exposed to hyper-irritating stresses in our lives every day.  But our bodies continue to react as if they are under attack.  There is presently a new school of thought that is beginning to make an impact on the world of psychotherapy.  It is called Entropic Analysis.  It is based upon the idea that a healthy body cannot exist without a healthy mind, and vice versa.  Entropic Analysis believes that all psychopathology has its roots in the aberration of the mother-infant bond.  The quality of the mother-infant bond is greatly affected by the support that the mother receives from the family, from friends, and most importantly, the husband. 

Isn't it fascinating that when respect for pregnancy and raising children was an important part of society, cancer rates were significantly lower?  When the extended family and other support systems were available, cancer rates were lower, educational problems were less frequent and divorce was an exceedingly rare occurrence.  Even though some may say that many couples stayed in unhappy relationships, studies of certain diseases show them to be significantly lower.  We, as a society, have been eliminating the importance of the mother-infant bond.  As we do so, we, as a people are becoming more depressed, alone, anxious and unable to relate or care about each other.  Abortion, divorce, premature sexuality, teenage suicide and cancers (as well as many immune disorders) are all directly connected to this issue. 

Who should be in treatment? 

        The question more appropriately should be who should NOT.  The vast majority of us are the products of marriages that were not ideal.  All of us seem to have more difficulty in terms of becoming intimate with others. Sexuality has become meaningless to many.  Sexual difficulties, of all kinds are on the rise.  People are pessimistic and frightened of marriage and commitment.  The levels of anxiety, depression, and the "pushing away" defense mechanisms are rampant.  We tend to seek the emotionally familiar as opposed to what is best for us.  We fall in love based upon feelings from early in our lives that are familiar to us.  Thus, if these feelings are bsed on aberration of bonding, we are constantly drawn to those who cannot bond.  In the event that someone is in a bonded, fusional relationship, it is our opinino that they will not need or seek therapy. If this is your case, please disregard this brochure. 

Otherwise, I urge you to consider these ideas!   We tend to repeat what is familiar based on the earliest possible conditioning.  This is true whether or not the conditioning was good or bad.  An individual who repeats the same mistakes, who feels stuck in their situation in life, and is unable to extricate themselves from the situation, is a victim or their childhood.  If medical treatment is not resolving an individual's problem, they should consider the effects that anxiety and depression has on one's immune system. If marital, child-rearing, or work adjustment issues are stressing your life and you have the feeling that you are incapable of changing these lifestyle issues, then Entropic Analysis is something you should consider.  Please feel free to contact me for a consultation.  To find out more, if any of these issues or ideas is intriguing to you, please contact me.




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