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Creative Solutions
Randy W. Green, Ph.D

I am a NYS Licensed Psychologist, who conducts a private counseling, consulting and coaching practice serving adults, adolescents and children in Dutchess, Westchester and the greater Hudson Valley  Additionally, I conduct long-distance counseling services  Though poeple bring several limitations such as, anxiety, depression, marital difficulties, children's learning and emotional problems and ADD, ADHD the work involves teaching them to shift to what they desire instead.

There are several underlying principles when working with Dr. Green:

1.  The ground of your experience is the position held within the body at the micro-muscular level.  You will learn that anxiety, depression and other negative states are held within the body in specific ways.  Similarly, positive states are also held in the body in a different configuration.
2.  You will become capable of accessing your most positive experience, literally a position of well-being and clarity, to function as a lens through which you become aware of what is possible for you, rather than what is problematic.
3.  Through this work, you will learn to develop and maintain an acute body-mind awareness and make this way of being the starting point for conducting your daily life.  The outcome is confidence in your decisions and performance; and the ability to attract what you most want into your life!
4  As a result, you will become "transparent" or capable of fully experiencing (through your senses) each unfolding moment as it occurs while holding a powerful, positive state inside!

Like this.. where you place your attention is precisely on what you want, rather than on what you do not want (as is true with most psychotherapy).  As a result, the work generates a direct and renewed sense of purpose in your life.   

Be sure to view my new book, "Decisions, Decisions." at the website:



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Cognitive/Behavioral (CBT)

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