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Judith Rapley Waterman
10 Plaza Street East
Brooklyn, NY, 11238
P: 347-510-9131
Do you need help and support towards designing the peace, clarity, balance and mental wellness you hope for? This is where you receive a safe space for your personal connection, growth and development, whether personal, relationship, business or professional. FREE PHONE CONSULTATION, SKYPE (or other internet options) & EVENING HOURS POSSIBLE.
Susan Bady
133 Eighth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11215
P: 718-638-8113
I am a highly trained, spiritually oriented psychotherapist, hypnotist and EMDR practitioner. I have 38 years of experience helping people from very diverse backgrounds with a wide range of difficulties. I have experienced as a patient all the methods and modalities with which I work. Thus I know from my own expe...
Barbara Dietz
307 President Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11231
P: 718-243-9254
F: 718-522-6791
psychotherapy, coaching, couples & family therapy
Dr. Leslie Feher, Ph.D.
9115 Ridge Blvd
Brooklyn, NY, 11209
P: 347-517-4607
You are entitled to a full life with beneficial rather than destructive relationships. I give you the mental tools and you do the work to achiieve this. Reach high and allow yourself a better existence through the magic and mental adventure of the counseling experience. Please feel to contact me at DrLFeher@aol.com or 347-517-4607 for more information or to make an appointment.
One World Counseling
1670 East 17th Street
3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY, 11229
P: 718-233-2533
F: 718-233-2584
One World Counseling is a licensed treatment program staffed by credentialed substance abuse counselors, licensed social workers, psychotherapists, and psychiatrist. Providing a comprehensive range of treatment and counseling services for individuals in recovery, as well as for their family members. Professional quality treatment; Multi-lingual; Culturally Competent One World Counseling is the premier treatment agency and counseling office of choice in the New York metropolitan region, with staff that speak a multitude of foreign languages allowing treatment-access for the varied immigrant communities in our neighborhoods.