Georgena Felicia

NE Heights
Albuquerque, NM 87109
P: 505-856-9661
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Georgena Felicia
Georgena Felicia, LMFT, LPCC

Congratulations - you've taken the first step towards feeling better - you're reaching out! You may be a first time counseling client, and may not have the first idea of how to make a choice. If you call your insurance company for referrals they usually will provide you with at least three names, and you're on your own. The first therapist to answer the phone or have an opening may not be the best ultimate choice.

Who is Georgena Felicia? A Clinical Counselor and Marriage and Family Therapist in practice for 19 years. In Los Angeles, I interned at the The Wellness Community, serving people diagnosed with Cancer and their supportive family members. From that experience, I learned there is always hope, the challenge of radical acceptance, and the promise of exceptional change.

I've worked in a couple of Residential Treatment Centers and learned to love, respect, and thoroughly enjoy the passion of adolescents. To the extent that they may be exceptionally challenging, so the rewards of growth are just as rich. Professional interests include unconscious process, dreams, mind/body connection, the power of the mind to sooth feelings, and thus realign behavior.

I 'subscribe' to living a balanced life, with faith practice, work, exercise, gardening, dog walking, family & social life, reading, play and relaxation.



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Conditions / Issues

Anger Management
Crisis Counseling
Divorce Counseling
Issues Of Abuse
Life Transitions
Personality Disorders
Religious Issues
Relationship/Marriage Counseling
Sexual Abuse
Spiritual Issues
Step/Blended Families
Terminally Ill
Womens Issues

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