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Cynthia Grace Luma
40 Dion Avenue
Kittery, ME, 03904
P: 207-439-6600
I have been working as a psychotherapist, expressive therapist and life coach for over 30 years and am trained in traditional psychology as well as alternative/holistic forms of healing and wellness. I welcome the opportunity to assist you in developing your own inner resources and wisdom and in making the change...


Robert Myers, LCPC
477 Congress Street, Suite 403
Portland, ME, 04101
P: 207-409-6226
O: 207-358-4817
As a psychotherapist I have assisted individuals, couples, and families to become healthier in their relationships, to address their addiction challenges, and to make meaning of traumatic personal suffering. My work being solution focused while drawing from a mythopoetic depth orientation pays special attention t...


June Thornton-Marsh, LCSW

Waterville, ME,
My approach to therapy is to uncover the block to achieving your goals. Curious about yourself? Interested in changing the difficulties in your life? Want a more fulfilling life? If so, I can help you explore, confront and shift what stands in the way of having a life you love. For example, I believe a powerful block that stands in the way of harnessing the power in one's life is consolidated in energy that is fear-based. Emotions that are fear based- regret, jealousy, anger, sadness, resentment, shame, etc. are at the core of choices that lead one down a painful path. By exploring the ways that fear shows up and challenging this fear, I will walk with you on the path towards a life that is more love-based.