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Mark D. Napack, LCPC, MA, MS
6810 Montrose Road, Suite 200
Rockville, MD, 20852
P: 301-919-5420
Mark Napack, LCPC provides effective psychotherapy and professional counseling for a wide range of issues--from severe to more mild problems.

Silver Spring

Nancy K. Montagna, Ph.D.
1110 Fidler Lane, #1417
Silver Spring, MD, 20910
P: 301-587-5735-(2)
O: 301 587-5735 x2
Your life is your most important creative project! I will engage with you and be your ally in moving toward a more fully satisfying and successful life. Perhaps you need to change a single habit, or perhaps you want to build more fulfilling relationships. Whatever your goals, large or small, we will get there as quickly as possible.
Mark Bottinick
8720 Georgia Ave.
Ste. 808
Silver Spring, MD, 20910
P: 301-593-7494
My goal with therapy and coaching is transformation, not merely insight. Some people can spend years in therapy, and as a result, they are more insightful about their problems, but they still have all the same problems. I use techniques that often help people eliminate their problems. Insight is commonly a rewarding by-product of the work, but it's insight into problems now resolved.
Laurel A. Fay, M.S., LCMFT
8720 Georgia Avenue
Suite 308
Silver Spring, MD, 20910
P: 301-563-9520
F: 301-747-1859
We are licensed marriage and family therapists specializing in context-based systems therapy with individuals, couples and families. We welcome the opportunity to help you achieve the relationships you want and deserve.


Charles C. McCormack, MSW
6525 N. Charles St. Ste 239
1942 Park Beach Drive, Aberdeen
Towson, MD, 21204
P: 410-417-6480
Life is an obstacle course that challenges each of us to grow as individuals and as part of a couple. The challenges are often difficult to formulate but none-the-less felt in dissatisfaction, anger, anxiety and depression, as well as a sense of alienation from our significant others. No one is immune from such experiences; they are part of being a human being. Yet, they can become so intense that we can lose our way. At such times, a therapist can be useful, a person who can genuinely relate to your problem and help guide you or your relationship through to greater clarity and relief.

Upper Marlboro

Ms. Octavia M. Carlos, LCSW-C, BCD
1300 Mercantile Lane, Suite 139A1
Upper Marlboro, MD, 20774
P: 301-322-3016
If you want to have "Peace Of Mind" when situations around you are stressing you out call me for an appointment. I provide counseling services to adults between 19 and 65 years old. I have over 20 years experience as a therapist. I worked in the DC Jail for 4 years, a residential inner city drug program...