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Rebecca Johnson Osei
480 John Wesley Dobbs Avenue
Suite #180
Atlanta, GA, 30312
P: 404-919-5137

Concierge Psychology is located in Atlanta, GA. The office is listed under the following categories: Psychologist, Therapist.

Dr. Maurita Hodge, Ed.D., LPC, CPCS, NBCC
2450 Piedmont Road, NE
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA, 30324
P: 770-306-6127
F: 866-929-7271
Feeling a little out of sorts? Looking to find balance in your life? Missing the connection with that special someone? Are you living up to your potential? Do you feel like you can't find your voice and you are not being heard? ARE YOU READY? If you are ready to live the life you are destined for, then here at Moving Mountains Consulting, LLC is where you find the necessary tools and support to get the results you desire. Call 770-306-6127 today for more information.
Monica Dutke, MFA, MPS, ATR, CHT, LPC, DCC
67 Peachtree Park Dr.
Suite 102
Atlanta, GA, 30309
P: 770-337-6631
F: 404-592-6132
Providing Art Therapy, Psychotherapy, Addiction Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Play Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness, other approaches to individuals, couples, families and groups of all ages.
Joe Turner
2300 Henderson Mill Road
Suite 322
Atlanta, GA, 30345
P: 404-245-8722
F: 770-908-9209
O: 404-245-8722
Whether you're mainstream or alternative, spiritual or skeptic, sometimes it's good to have assistance. Anxiety, depression, substance use, relationship issues, there's no fee to chat to see if you feel a personal match. Why wait? Contact me today. I welcome veterans with Tricare coverage.