Diann Shannon, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, LLC

673 Grant Street
Denver, CO 80203
P: 303-860-9448
F: 303-860-0970
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Diann Shannon, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist, LLC
Diann Shannon, Psy.D

I specialize in providing individual, couples therapy and coaching.  Are you experiencing  personal life struggles? Couple Conflict? Issues with: Infertility? Communication? Your sexual relationship? Loneliness even though you are in a relationship? Jealousy? Infidelity? Parenting conflicts? Life adjustment stresses?  Decision making? A specialist working with indidviduals & couples to promote their discovery path through life difficulties like these can make the difference.  I have 20 years experience helping individuals and couples become more mindful, enabling them to gain understanding and developing their own direction to more joy in their lives.  A safe, comforting environment that fosters the exploration of conflicts, frustrations, thoughts and feelings is critical so you can discover workable solutions for yourself.  CALL FOR A FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION.

Are relational problems creating a canyon with no bridge between you and your partner? Are you worried about your couple relationship?  Are you struggling with developing a relationship that works for you?  My passion lies in helping individuals & couples discover the issues and roadblocks that are creating disturbances in their relationships and assist them in finding steps to make changes that will help themselves feel stronger and strengthen their relationships.

I am passionate about treating all couples and individuals and have become a specialist in helping couples experiencing issues related to infertility. I often refer to couples struggling through infertility as 'exceptional families.' 'Exceptional' because infertility is an exceptional experience that many families never endure, and 'family' because the intention of having children requires the foundation that only "families" can provide. I help couples experiencing infertility navigate through this often emotionally charged time. I act as a guide as each person maneuvers through the unique emotional issues that arise when they are faced with the anguishes of infertility. Whether they have made the decision to undergo treatment, begin the adoption process, use a surrogate, or embrace their family as-is, I take a supportive role for each individual as they progress through their infertility issues. Free 30 minute consultation by phone or in person.

COACHING is a fabulous way for individuals to address a specific life goal they wish to acheive but find themselves unable to develop an action plan to get from point A to point B.  Do you have business or personal goal you would like to reach but you are not taking the action steps neede to reach your goal or perhaps you are being unable to identify those action steps, call for a FREE 20 minute coaching consultation and let's see what we can do!



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Life Coaching
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