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Menlo Park

Dr. Jim Hutt, Ph.D., MFT
1225 Crane Street, Suite 108
Menlo Park, CA, 94025
P: 650-321-0860
Most couples experience difficulty managing conflict in your relationship. Maybe your relationship could manage irritation or anger more effectively. Or, you might withdraw during conflict for lack of knowing what else to do, or as a way to avoid saying what you know won't be helpful.
The Couples Institute
445 Burgess Drive, Suite 150
Menlo Park, CA, 94025
P: 650-327-5915
O: (877) 327-5915
The Couples Institute provides therapy, workshops, and informational websites for couples, and a variety of training and seminars for couples therapists. The Institute's network of experienced marriage counselors serves the San Francisco Bay Area all the way south to Morgan Hill.

Mill Valley

Cherry Jones MFT
333 Miller Ave, Suite 7E
Mill Valley, CA, 94941
P: 415 381 5889
The chronic pain and suffering of anxiety or traumatic stress which impacts you and your relationships can now be successfully treated by new scientifically informed, brain based therapeutic treatments. Whether you are 8 months, 8 years or 80 years I have known clients find relief from symptoms. I also specialize in adoption. Adoption can be a joyous and challenging experience both for the parent and the child. Single parenting is particularly challenging. I provide individual consultation and support groups for parents, pre and post adoption. In dyadic attachment focused family therapy, I help children birth to 18 years develop a secure attachment and process unmetabolized loss and trauma. Adult adoptees of domestic and international adoption are welcome to my practice for individual sessions.


Mark F. Schwartz, Sc.D, MFT
398 Foam Street
Suite 200
Monterey, CA, 93940
P: 831-747-1727
F: 831-309-8707
Today's couples still struggle in these areas. Additionally, modern life seems to generate both new opportunities and new challenges. Some of the common dilemmas presented by couples today revolve around: lack of shared enjoyment, chronic conflict, problems that never fully resolve, pervasive negativity, power struggles, and lack of shared interests or vision.

Morgan Hill

Nina M. Larkin, MA, MFT
605 Tennant Avenue, Suite 1, Morgan Hill
155 East Campbell Avenue, Suite 140, Campbell
Morgan Hill, CA, 95037
P: 650-823-9210
O: 650-516-7712
Are you feeling over-reactive in your relationships? Do negative memories, thoughts or emotions interfere with your happiness? Have you experienced flashbacks? Or, have you tried to comfort yourself in ways that only make you feel worse such as overeating, overworking...? Emotions can feel overwhelming. I can hel...

Newport Beach

Basia Mosinski
Online Meeting Sessions
Newport Beach, CA, 92662
P: 917 703-3414
O: 949 877-0272
Coach services for adults who are facing major life changes, including career, moving, relationships, health, aging, or grief, loss and bereavement.

Newport Beach

Dr. Diana Shabtai,PsyD., ATR-BC.
Po box 3252
Newport Beach , CA, 92659
P: (949) 751-7698
Art is therapy. Art helps heal. Everyone can create art.


Dr. Zonya Johnson Ph.D.
5835 College Avenue, Suite B3
Oakland, CA, 94618
P: (925) 254-2027
O: (925) 254-2027
It can be difficult to know how to choose a therapist who is right for you. You should feel free to ask about the therapist’s academic and clinical training, degrees earned, style of therapy, licensure status, special interests, and years in the field. You should feel comfortable talking with this person. You want to feel that you “click” with the therapist. While my practice is a general one, I have a particular interest in culture, race, and ethnicity and in issues related to health. As such, I often see bi-cultural individuals, couples who have conflict in part due to cultural difference, and people attempting to adapt to a culture not their own. You may also want to know whether a potential therapist has experience with issues of particular concern to you. For example, you may ask if the therapist has worked with gay couples, with African American individuals, with biracial adolescents, with sexual dysfunction, with particular parenting issues, or with immigrants from a particular area. Call me Today! (925) 254-2027
Naomi Azriel, LMFT
4283 Piedmont Ave.
Oakland, CA, 94611
P: 510-878-3509
If you, like many others, feel that you have been coming out over and over and over again, know you are not alone. Coming out is a lifelong process, contrary to what many of us believe. You may find yourself coming out to and educating employers, friends, family and even intimate partners. At best, these can...
Gwen Sanders
3873 Piedmont Avenue
Suite 3
Oakland, CA, 94611
P: 510-869-3901
O: 510-869-3901
I provide marriage and family counseling and art therapy with individuals, couples, families, group therapy and workshops. I am an art therapist (ATR-BC) who is an educator for graduate students learning the MFT and Art Therapy journey. I am available to provide therapy for depression, anxiety and life from developmental, historical and traumatic experiences and for those that find themselves repeating the losses and changes from life transitions.