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Shelly C. Boismenu, MFT
110 Lafayette Circle Suite 200
Lafayette, CA, 94549
P: 510-301-0477
I truly enjoy guiding people toward finding solutions that will work for them, and I know that successful therapy begins with a safe, supportive and caring therapist. If you find that you enjoy questions that make you think, honest and thoughtful feedback and a truly understanding listener, you've come to the...


Dr. Ankhesenamun Ball
1043 Stuart Street, Suite 150
Lafeyette, CA, 94549
P: (510) 269-7607
At times, treatment can feel difficult as it often brings up painful feelings that have not been worked through before. My goal is to help you explore and tolerate those emotions and develop or increase your ability to manage them. Therapy is very hard work, however the benefits gained from such a rich process are everlasting. Knowing how we do what we do is only one part of the puzzle, learning why opens us up to opportunities for growth, not just change. I provide Assessment Services and Consultative Services.

Laguna Hills

Margaret Creek
23272 Mill Creek
Laguna Hills, CA, 92675
P: 949-874-7670
Art Therapy in Orange County, CA: Children, families, and adults throughout Orange County benefit from art therapy as a non-threatening form of counseling. Absolutely no art experience or ability is needed.

Lake Forest

Katherine Erlandson
27 Spectrum Pointe #310
Lake Forest, CA, 92630
P: 949-291-7726
My focus is to empower individuals to find the strength and courage within themselves and to take the steps necessary to solve any difficult or problematic situation in their life.

Long Beach

The Park Tower
5150 East Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 200
Long Beach, CA, 90804
P: 562-208-1985
   Are You Feeling Tired Of Having The Same Old Arguments Over & Over Again?  Do You Sometimes Feel, That No Matter What You Do, It's Never Enough?  Do You Sometimes Feel, That No Matter What You Say, It's Wrong?  Do You Sometimes Wonder, Where The Fun In Your Relationship Went?  W...
Jeffrey Salinas, LMFT
2301 E. 28th St
Suite 309
Long Beach, CA, 90755
P: 562-248-6222
O: 562-285-6359
At times, we all have regrets, feel empty, feel incomplete, or perhaps unresolved in a current or a past relationship. Sometimes we have difficulty feeling fulfilled whether it is at work or at home. We have occasions when getting or feeling close to others is a challenge, making physical intimacy seem unrealistic or just unobtainable. At times the simple act of talking, communicating with others is a major barrier.
Rose Hanna
5199 East Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 400
Long Beach, CA, 90804
P: 562-291-6356
Our goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life.

Los Angeles

Dr. Ann J. Gilbert, LMFT, Psy.D
13101 Washington Blvd
Suite 111
Los Angeles, CA, 90066
P: 310-339-9233
F: 310-568-8854
Let me help you if you are feeling stuck, depressed, anxious and feeling confused and powerless in deal with your present life issues.  Are you a victim of crime or abuse? Are you hurting and angry with yourself and keeping sabotaging yourself from getting what you want and deserve?  Do you seem to repe...
Dr. Maris Clement
1418 N Spaulding Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90046
P: 310-508-1110
Are you feeling anxious or sad? Are you experiencing conflict with family members? Do you wish you could increase your self-esteem? I'm a compassionate therapist, who treats a wide variety of issues that effect your growth, functioning and relationships: each client is unique.
Mary Kay Cocharo
11340 W. Olympic Blvd. #210
Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA, 90064
P: 310-828-2624
O: 310-828-2624
Are you sick of having the same old argument with your partner over and over again? Are you longing for deeper intimacy and passion in your relationship? Or are you simply wondering why you keep making the same mistakes with different partners? If so, you're not alone. I can help. Visit my website at www.mkcocharo.com or call me at 310.828-2624 to schedule an appointment or learn more about workshops in your area.