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San Francisco

Michael Korson, MA
126 Church St
San Francisco, CA, 94114
P: 415-646-0997
Michael Korson, MFT is a psychotherapist with a practice in San Francisco and Berkeley. Michael works with adults and adolescents for individual, couples, and group psychotherapy. Michael works with people of diverse sexual orientations, gender identity and ethnicity. Michael works with clients struggling with de...
Ms. Stacey C. Dirzuweit, MA, MFT, ATR
423 Gough Street, Suite B
San Francisco, CA, 94102
P: 415-323-0214
I am a licensed  Marriage and Family Therapist, and a registered Art Therapist. I offer individual and group therapy to children, adolescents, and their families, using art therapy, play therapy, sand play therapy, and traditional talk therapy techniques. I work with children to build self-esteem, reduc...
Mr. Don Mack, LMFT
414 Gough Street,
Suite 5
San Francisco, CA, 94102
P: 415-820-9620
I believe in establishing clear goals for our work together using a collaborative approach. During our meetings we can work on quieting your harsh inner critic, understanding your fears and anxiety, and strengthening your self esteem. My goal is to create a comfortable space in which to address your concerns and help you thrive.
Renee Spencer, LMFT
1944 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA, 94115
P: 415-820-1676
You've likely tried everything, even procrastinated, before considering therapy. When your own efforts at self-help aren't enough, it's often because something on the inside is getting in your way that either you don't realize or is difficult to change.

San Jose

John R. Fishbein, Ph.D.
4020 Moorpark Ave. # 204
San Jose, CA, 95117
P: 408-247-9914
I thoroughly enjoy helping people solve personal and relationship problems. With 30+ years of experience, I am able to rapidly provide direct, practical solutions that most clients successfully implement in 1 to 12 sessions. For a FREE 10-minute telephone consultation, please give me a call. Or, if you have any questions, please call.
Jamie Vavaroutsos, LCSW
1754 Technology Drive
Suite #133
San Jose, CA, 95110
P: 408-799-3972
F: 888-528-6446
Mindfulness, balance, growth, and empowerment. We all can "lose our way" at times, AND a crisis can hold within it tremendous opportunities for growth and strengthening.
Kathleen Kesten
4100 Moorpark Ave., Ste. 116
San Jose, CA, 95117
P: 408-507-4457
F: 402-249-9204
In my view, relationships are what provide us with what is most important in life.  It's  when relationships breakdown that we might seek out some help.  As a psychotherapist, I can be that nonbiased observer with a different perspective. My goal is to provide a safe and supp...
Ms. Karen E. Sumi, MFT
6472 Camden Avenue
Suite 208
San Jose, CA, 95120
P: 408-323-9901
I invite you to call me at no charge for a confidential, 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss your concerns and determine whether you would like to work together. For more information about my services, please visit my website at www.karensumi.com.

San Juan Capistrano

Carly Ketchum
30200 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite D
San Juan Capistrano, CA, 92675
P: (949) 391-1812
Problems in your marriage? Arguing, criticism, trust issues? Couples counseling can help. I specialize in helping couples communicate more effectively, rebuild trust and restore feelings of love and respect.

San Ramon

Deborah P. Rogers, LMFT
8 Crow Canyon Court, #110
San Ramon, CA, 94583
P: 925-831-2442
Children & Families: Why do my kids act like that? Solve the mystery and find relief for families and children with a few play therapy sessions. Turn those power struggles around! Pick up new tools so you can enjoy being with your children more often. Build on existing strengths in a non-blaming and supportiv...