Depth Psychotherapy for Adults and Children

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Depth Psychotherapy for Adults and Children
Naomi Azriel, LMFT

If you, like many others, feel that you have been coming out over and over and over again, know you are not alone. Coming out is a lifelong process, contrary to what many of us believe.

You may find yourself coming out to and educating employers, friends, family and even intimate partners. At best, these can be opportunities for empowerment and self-growth, at worst, those are times when old wounds get re-opened.

Whether you are having negative or positive experiences with the outside world, or, like most people, both, you still deserve one space in your life where you get to be ALL of who you are, including the parts of you that you are still uncomfortable with or not so sure about. If you are tired of constantly educating others about who you are, therapy should be one place where you do not have to do so.

LGBT adults face all the same struggles as all adults do: forming and sustaining passionate and loving relationships, making decisions about family, re-negotiating old relationships with parents and communities. But, for LGBT adults, all these normal issues and struggles often become more complicated by misunderstanding, wrong assumptions and sometimes outright bigotry. Even in ideal circumstances, with the most supportive and loving family and community, internalized homophobia shows up in the lives of gay adults in many subtle and surprising ways.

From common everyday experiences, like people calling you by the wrong pronoun, to major political events, like the passage of proposition 8 in California, lesbians, transgender and gay adults face more uncertainty about their future, less cultural acceptance and celebration, and more attitudes of disrespect or misunderstanding than their straight counterparts. This can have a profound impact on the way in which we enter and form relationships, families and communities.

In therapy, you have a real opportunity to take a break from that constant pressure, and to slow down and actually listen to what is happening inside you. Together, we can find out what is getting in the way of you having the kind of relationships you want to have with romantic partners, friends, or family members. We can make space for your own unique self, and start finding out what it feels like to let that self shine and lead the way in your life.

Facing real-life, as well as internalized, homophobia and transphobia are serious psychological challenges for all queer and gay adults. Even if what brings you to therapy has nothing to do with your sexual identity or orientation, you deserve a therapist who truly 'gets it'.

I invite you into my practice to engage in an honest conversation of self-discovery and internal growth. I will not make false promises, or pretend to know the things that can only be discovered together, with effort and care over time. What I can commit to is to be available, curious and engaged with your process. To support you in discovering, and becoming, all of who you need and want to be, and to help you in finding and sustaining the relationships you want to have.

Most importantly, I want to offer you my hope, experience and trust in this process as a deep and powerful way to support you in blossoming into your own authentic, mature, grounded and fabulous self!



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