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The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace



By Leonard Szymczak (2019)

Has your life taken a detour, lost its way at a tourist attraction, or screeched to a grinding halt? Author and psychotherapist Leonard Szymczak invites you to plug into your inner GPS and find your way “Home.”

In The Roadmap Home: Your GPS to Inner Peace, Leonard Szmczak draws upon his personal challenges and professional experience to map out a route of conscious living and steer you through the stages of spiritual awakening. In that process he shows you how to connect with the ever-present GPS, Guiding Power of Spirit, which illuminates the road to love and inner peace.

In nine chapters with titles such as “Meaning of Home,” “Wake-up Calls and Signposts,” and “Heartbeat of Connection,” Leonard provides a powerful and heartfelt guide that helps you reclaim inherent rights – to delight in the senses, to feel true joy, to exercise free will, to love and be loved, to express yourself, to recognize talents and fulfill dreams, and remain connected to the Guiding Power of Spirit.

With your trustworthy GPS and this easy-to-follow roadmap, be prepared for a transformational adventure where problems and pain become opportunities for personal growth, forgiveness and love. Life is a journey, but inner peace is the real destination. Welcome Home!

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