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Fighting for Love: Turn Conflict into Intimacy



By Mari Frank and Leonard Szymczak (2016)

Would you like to resolve conflict easily?
Do you want to feel like lovers again?

If you want to create long lasting loving relationships, you need concrete tools to help you bond emotionally, intimately, and deeply with your partner. The techniques and skills in this book will help you turn conflict into intimacy. In the process, you will come to believe, as the authors do, that conflict is a gift in disguise, and love is the only thing worth fighting for!

Mari Frank, an attorney mediator, and Leonard Szymczak, a psychotherapist, combine their seventy years of professional experience to help couples fight for love. Mari uses collaborative mediation strategies to show couples how to transform hostile behavior and peacefully resolve conflict from the outside in. Leonard uses engaging therapeutic tools to alter thoughts and beliefs to help clients heal conflict from the inside out. Together they enlighten and entertain readers with stories, insights, strategies, and exercises to empower couples to successfully fight for love, heal wounds, reignite relationships, and embrace greater intimacy.

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