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Apple of My I: The Four Practices of Self-Love



By Yudit Maros (Nove)

In Apple of My I: The Four Practices of Self-Love sought-after psychotherapist Yudit MMaros reveals the true meaning of the old adage: the answers are within you. The 4-step self-help tool in this book may well be the equivalent of years' worth of psychotherapy. It works by using the body's sensations as information to be translated into healthy action. Through detailed instructions, a rich array of exercises, case examples, and a thorough understanding of what makes us humans tick your will learn how to:

  • love and accept who you are
  • find out how you really feel and what you need to feel better
  • relax 
  • assert yourself with the ones you love
  • help others to be more open and healthy
  • heal your relationships
  • improve your health
  • understand the recurrent patterns in your life.

Self-help has never been more accessible and even entertaining, while offering vital information in each and every paragraph. With the wealth of 25 years of clinical experience, and the mind of a scientist Yudit Maros distills the best practices in psychotherapy into a state-of-the-art self-help tool, for us to be able to tap into the artesian well of the body for an incessant flow of information and guidance for LIfe. 

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