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Is That The Reason...? A Unifying Approach to the Problem of Mental Health



By Jef Gazley, M.S., LMFT ((Jun)

Do you need love or relationship advice? Do you wonder if you have a drug addiction or suffer from alcoholism? Learn about healthy boundaries, self-esteem, and ways to communicate. This book is a compilation of all the Is That The Reason booklets and is meant for self help and self improvement, and is the perfect complement to any online counseling session.

In the course of counseling clients in an outpatient private practice setting and psychiatric patients in acute hospitals for over thirty-three years certain common tendencies have become apparent. Although every individual is unique and their problems different, most emotional difficulties develop for a few very similar reasons. Their dynamics are lawful therefore if treatment is focused on these core issues the client will grow and progress rapidly.

The purpose of this book is to identify these core dynamics and to give clear and concise guidelines for treatment. Many problems result from chemical imbalances, but a large percentage of emotional difficulties are due to the way children are raised and the continued learning that people gain by their culture and environment. This book will explore both types, but with special emphasis on the emotional perspective.

The main sections of this work include Dysfunctional Families, Codependency, Chemical Dependence, Parenting, Love Addiction, Boundaries, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Communication/Assertiveness. Each of these topics is a serious condition in its own right, but they are also aspects of the same problem. That central dilemma is the unhealthy way that western culture rears their children and what the society expects out of people in general. True mental health is not a matter of adjusting to these principles, but of humanizing them. Unless society’s expectations are sane the world will remain insane.


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