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Lessons from Littleton: Levelling- A Guide to Positive Parenting



By Brian Brody (2000)


"Lessons From Littleton" is this psychologist's look at why so many children are having problems and are "at risk". Dr. Brian Brody teaches from his years as a parent and Littleton therapist who saved his two step-children with many other children in the community.

Dr. Brody shares the wisdom of those parenting approaches in his book. Most parents don't need therapy but do need a "game plan" to successfully raise their children. The "Levelling" program offers that "common sense" help for parents. Children do not come with an owner's manual but the "Levelling" program provides a "guide" that parents can use to individualize more effective parenting in their families. This book offers parents communication skills to lovingly connect and problem solve with their children. Most importantly, it offers a variety of tools in which to teach children the "coping skills" they need to succeed in the world.

Levelling is a "game for the kids" and a "game plan" for parents. It is a concept which allows children to develop self-esteem and values by mastering responsibilities and earning rewards. Levelling is loving guide for parents to create a win / win situation which ends the "power struggles". It is "old fashioned parenting for the new mililennium".

Tags: Parenting, Suicide