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  • [Read Article] Anxiety Disorders in Children:How Do They Manifest?

    The human body is an amazing machine, providing exactly what you need at the very moment that you need it. When you exercise, your body produces sweat to cool itself off. When you need energy, you feel hungry, leading you to eat and supply the needed

    Published: Tue October 20, 2009

  • [Read Article] Rage, Shame and the Death of Love

    Concealed deep within the human psyche lies an enduring world, a kingdom which exists and yet is separate from our awareness. Within this shrouded domain reside the remnants of intensely painful experiences that were propelled out of sight for safe k

    Published: Thu October 22, 2009

  • [Read Article] Raise Up a Child

    I like to think of parenting both in philosophical terms as well as practical “what to dos,” so my goal is to combine the two. First, I would like you to think of what long-range goals you have for your children, rather than just what works f

    Published: Fri October 09, 2009

  • [Read Article] Helping a Loved One Suffering from Depression

    To a non-depressed person depression may look like a choice. That's because a non-depressed person's brain chemistry allows them see most situations in a fairly balanced way. What the uninitiated don't understand is that depressed people's no longer f

    Published: Wed January 13, 2010


    Women and men business professionals have some issues in common; but, there are issues more likely to affect men than women and vice versa. In this article I focus on you men. You have reached the point in your career where things are going wel

    Published: Wed January 20, 2010

  • [Read Article] The ABC's of Psychotherapy

    Deciding to pursue therapy, finding a therapist, making that first call and keeping that appointment are, from my perspective, huge and courageous steps. Moreover, these initial steps are usually taken partially in the dark, so to speak. You do not

    Published: Tue November 24, 2009

  • [Read Article] Infertiltiy

    It’s no secret that men and women cope with stress differently. So when infertility creeps in on a relationship, this is often one of the first true crises that the couple encounters. Infertility is on the rise as more than 5 million people of chi

    Published: Fri January 22, 2010

  • [Read Article] Anxiety: Friend or Foe?

    We have all known the experience of being anxious, worried, and even panicked. While these symptoms can become overwhelming and debilitating, the good news is, generally speaking, anxiety is not difficult to treat. Let me explain. No one likes to

    Published: Wed November 25, 2009

  • [Read Article] The Emotional Journey of Cancer and How to Develop a Cancer Survivor Kit

    For a patient and their family the experience of dealing with cancer is like riding a roller-coaster. First, the difference between the two is that riding a roller-coaster is a choice; and secondly the expectations of the ride are predictable. The p

    Published: Sun January 10, 2010

  • [Read Article] Here's What A Psychologist thinks About Bad Kid's Behavior

    As an outpatient child psychologist, I often am asked what are the most displeasing problems with kids. Here's my list: "Yelling, Doesn't clean room, Doesn't obey (defiance), Ignores me or Talks back, Disrespectful, Runs around too much (hyper),

    Published: Fri September 30, 2011