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  • [Read Article] Treatment Can Help!

    Find a treatment center or program for drugs, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, sexual abuse, cocaine, depression, teen problems.

    Published: Sat April 09, 2011

  • [Read Article] A Brief Introduction to Jungian Therapy

    Search for Meaning Many Americans are searching for deeper meaning in their lives. Just recently, a TV news survey asked viewers what one thing would most improve the quality of their life. The most frequent answer was "greater meaning in life."

    Published: Tue July 14, 2009

  • [Read Article] Changing Children's Behaviors

    In my practice as an outpatient child psychologist, I have seen thousands of kids over the last twenty years. Parents drag them into my office for lots and lots of reasons, usually because the kids are acting out. Sometimes, this is about parents no

    Published: Tue August 25, 2009

  • [Read Article] Father's Day and "Fathering" Day

    On this Father’s Day, what will you to to acknowledge the man that brought you into this Earth, and who showed you the ropes about how to be the good guy you’ve grown into? Remember your first little league game where he cheered you on from the st

    Published: Sat June 11, 2011

  • [Read Article] How Do I Talk About Dating And Sex With My Teen?

    Without sounding like you are lecturing and without endorsing sexual activity, how do you approach the issue of healthy dating and intimacy with your child? Kids are constantly told by their parents how “times were different” and “we were mor

    Published: Wed July 01, 2009

  • [Read Article] Venting Anger is Always Counter Productive

    Anger is a normal human emotion. “A universal trigger for anger is the sense of being endangered. Endangerment can be a signal not just by an outright physical threat but also, as is more often the case, by a symbolic threat to self-esteem or dignit

    Published: Sat September 05, 2009

  • [Read Article] How Seasons Affect Moods

    Treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder

    Published: Sun November 25, 2012

  • [Read Article] Why is Change Such a Challenge?

    For many, the recommendations and suggestions our doctors and other health professionals make are not new. However, their suggestions are different from the way that most of us live our day to day lives. We know candy from the vending machine adds emp

    Published: Thu September 10, 2009

  • [Read Article] DRAWN TO THE TABLE :Why Children On The Spectrum Need Art Psychotherapy As A Required Service for Children On The Spectrum

    Introduction to a model of care that successfully provides sensory integration and expression for people who have challenges in this area

    Published: Thu November 17, 2011

  • [Read Article] Seven Short Steps to Relationships Success for Guys

    If there is no time to waste, use one or more of the seven short steps to turn around the tempo in your relationship or marriage. Many guys that I talk with call me at the 11th hour, when it may or may not be too late to save their relationship. The

    Published: Fri September 11, 2009