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  • [Read Article] Yoga: A physical path to reshaping your mind and moving your spirit

    The early founders of AA recognized that Alcoholism is a 3-fold disease affecting us physically, mentally and spiritually. The 12 step program has proved to be highly effective in addressing both the mental and spiritual aspects of the disease, while

    Published: Mon July 02, 2012

  • [Read Article] Transgender Needs in Treatment

    Effective and compassionate care must be made even more accessible. To break down the barriers between client and counselor.

    Published: Tue May 02, 2017

  • [Read Article] Staying Safe in a Practice

    Practitioners need to consider the important safety factors when working with clients: their office layout, their initial visit procedures and their ability to handle a patient who's become angry or agitated.

    Published: Tue June 05, 2018